How to Replace a Muffler in Your Car

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Rev up your engines!

It's time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel

if your car is making too much noise, then stay tuned because today I'm going to

show you how to replace a muffler on your car, now many things can make noises

in an exhaust system, but this is pretty simple

because the muffler fell off driving down the road, so we're going to jack it up in

the air and see what's left under there, well we'll start looking around as we

can see at least the yoke is in one piece, so we'll bolt the three bolts off

and take the yoke off, but since they're so old and rusty, we'll spray a little

wd-40 on it let it soak a few hours, spray them all over the nuts, so the rust

will come off, then get a giant cheater bar and a long neck socket that'll fit on

and pull like mad and when you pull hard enough, eventually it'll break loose

and off comes the collar, then of course you need a new muffler

and in this case it comes with all the pipes already on, so we just bolted back

on, but before you put it on, make sure you have this flange gasket, I cemented

it on so it doesn't fall off when you bolt it on, then you put the two flanges

together and stick the bolts in and don't make them really tight yet because we

have to adjust the back of the muffler first so it fits on right, because this

BMW has a hanger that goes around the muffler, it bolts on and then hangs off

of these rubber donuts and you have to wiggle it so it fits right, so while

you're wiggling the muffler, you have to make sure that these clamps aren't too

tight so they can flex back and forth till it fits right, then once you have it

all lined up here and there's enough clearance, tight in the back, make sure

you get them nice and tight, so that the fumes don't leak out, then you start

it up,

and check for leaks, it's nice and quiet now and there's no gas escaping anywhere

except for the backward supposed to come out, so the next time your car's making noise

fix it yourself and remember if you've got any car questions just visit

Scotty and I'll answer them as soon as I get out of this hearse!