MUCOUS PLUG: When the does the mucus plug come out? What is a mucous plug for?

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mucus plug okay

mucus flooding we're diving into

something exciting this Monday morning

the mucus plug okay let's let's set up

the scene a little bit we have a baby in

an amniotic sac okay and that lives

inside of the uterus the uterus is a big

muscle at the bottom of the uterus is

what we call the cervix so the cervix is

nice and closed and tight keeping the


safe in there is really the role of the

cervix and what is if we can think of

this is the cervix right uterus is here

what lives right here is a mucus plug

what does that mean plug so it's almost

like a cork at the bottom at the wine

cork so it's keeping the role of the

mucus plug is to keep bacteria out of

the the uterus and so what it is is

really like what it sounds just a big

blob of mucus and it's right there on

the other side of the uterus I mean the

other side of the cervix is the mucus

plug okay so why do we talk about the

mucus plug anyway well when your cervix

starts to thin be faith so we talked

about a Faceman in an earlier video I've

got a link right here a face or dilate

open the mucus plug that is sitting

there right on top can come out so that

can be a sign that your body is gearing

up for early labor sometimes people see

mucus plug come out days before labor

starts some people see it when labor

starts and what it looks like is exactly

what it sounds like a big blob of mucus

though sometimes it's not uncommon to

see parts of it come not just all in one

chunk but pieces of it come out usually

when people go to the bathroom and they

wipe they notice the mucus plug if it is

coming out at that time so it can be a

little alarming if you have no idea what

it is it could be kind of tinged with

blood if the capillaries of your cervix

have broken when as the cervix dilates

sometimes the mucous plug can have some

bloody dots on it it might be brownish

if the blood is old sometimes people are

kind of alarmed and they might take a

picture and send it to their partner or

their doula I know as a doula I have

received pictures of mucus plugs in my

feet in my text before if you are a

doula and you've received one give me a

thumbs up or leave me a comment below so

I knew that I'm not the only one so it's

something that you don't have to wait

for it to say oh I'm an early labor but

it certainly is a sign that that cervix

is changing a little bit so that the

plug can come out of the cervix and you

can see that something is going on so it

can't be kind of exciting to know that

something's going on and again it can be

kind of alarming if you're not sure what

it is or if you haven't learned about it

so the mucus plug it's always an

exciting topic to cover in childbirth

class because who doesn't want to talk

about mucus okay so we have covered the

mucus plug today I hope that you have

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