THE MULE - Official Trailer


Need help, sir?

Officer, hi.

You need help?

No, no.

No, I'm fine, thank you.

What do you got there?

Little pecans.

I'm delivering pecans to my niece.

-Pecans? -Yeah, pecans.

She makes the worst pecan pie

you've ever tasted.

I feel sorry for her husband, but...

And I feel sorry for the pecans, too.


Come on, now. Come on.

Family's the most important thing.

Don't do what I did.

I put work in front of family.

I thought it was more important

to be somebody out there...

than the damn failure I was in my own home.

I was a terrible father...

terrible husband.

Blew my chance.

I didn't deserve forgiveness.

This is the last one.

So help me God...

this is the last one.

For what it's worth...

I'm sorry for everything.