Overcomer Movie - Official Trailer (HD)

you need to do your fight in prayer

we've been a good enough father I want

to be a good enough father



the town's the oldest manufacturing

plant is closing its doors

most of my players have paracin work at

the plant because I gonna be pretty I'm

down three coaches but I do think I have

a solution for cross-country no I don't

even like running this country's not

even a real sport I'm just impressed

that you finished you are my best option

y'all every tryouts no sir we're just

hanging out are you here for

cross-country yes sir I had one girl

show up and she's got asthma

oh you mean Hannah Scott do you enjoy

running it's really the only thing I'm

good at I have a season with one winner

one runner matters Thomas yeah time for

a visit

hello coach so you changed fourth and

you still got nothing well that's that

even for me I get it

you have to coach cross-country but it's

not the end of the world someone who

knows the Lord you act like somebody who

doesn't you give some very inspirational

speeches to your players about stepping

up under pressure and going the extra

mile Anna get faster


your life is worth so much more than

this when you find your identity than

the one who created you change your

whole perspective

something or someone will have first

place in your heart

where's your team she's right there what

have you allowed to define

is that that's Hannah