10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World - Travel Video



whether they're blessed with blindingly

bright white sands or located in the

most idyllic setting imaginable the

world is truly home to a great number of

beautiful beaches each more breathtaking

than the last while some of them are to

be found at the heart of world-famous

cities others are nestled away on

tropical islands or tucked away deep

inside national parks whether they are

backed by impressive rock formations

rugged cliffs or gently swaying palm

trees these beautiful beaches really

need to be seen to be believed



number 10 shipwreck beach that's by

dazzling white limestone cliffs that

loom over at sandy shores shipwreck

beach and the sparkling turquoise waters

that border it certainly paint a pretty

picture located on the Ionian island of


the gorgeous beach regularly features in

travel magazines and is one of the most

beautiful natural settings in the whole

of Greece named shipwreck beach due to

the rusty remains of a ship that lies

upon its sands the beach is only

accessible by boat skimming across the

sparkling waters towards the secluded

Cove is an unforgettable experience

the scenery gets better and better as

you approach


number nine is lastly rock nicknamed the

golden horn

flat sneer at juts into the Adriatic Sea

and changes shape and length depending

on the current tide and wind located on

the south coast of the island of Brock

the white pebble beach can be found just

a short distance away from the peaceful

Harper town of both regularly featured

on the front of travel magazines around

the globe the last native act is one of

Croatia's most popular tourist


due to its magnificent scenery and

sparkling turquoise waters


number eight a meadow lying at the north

end of Palawan Island the small town of

El Nido definitely makes for a memorable

sights as the looming limestone cliffs

and lush green jungle surround its small

Beach the town sports lots of hotels

with an increasing number of bars and

restaurants for visitors to choose from

it is for this reason that many people

use it as a base from which to explore

the gorgeous archipelago that lies

nearby you can take boat trips around

the idyllic islands stopping off at the

silky white sands of breathtaking



number seven black sand beach very

dramatic and distinctive Reynes viata

beach on the south coast of iceland is

one of the most famous black sand

beaches on earth located next to the

sleepy fishing village of vic the unique

looking Beach was formed over millennia

by fierce waves pulverizing the volcanic

coastline in addition to its distinctive

color the beach is also renowned for the

amazing basalt columns that lie at one

end of it and the arresting rock

formations dotted offshore having

featured in both Game of Thrones and

Star Wars black sand beach definitely

earns its place amongst the most

beautiful beaches in the world




number six fool-dini's tucked away on

the delightfully named turquoise coast

of southwestern Turkey bulid knees is an

increasingly popular beach to visit as

word spreads about its considerable

charms meaning Dead Sea Buddha knees

boasts some fantastic snorkeling and

scuba diving due to its calm

crystal-clear waters an amazing marine

life while its long sandy beach is

perfect for relaxing on the gorgeous

scenery all around it certainly warrants

exploring ringed by beautiful mountains

the dazzling blue lagoon for which aloo

Deniz is famed is a must visit while

many people go paragliding to enjoy the

view of the beach from above




number five Copacabana one of the most

famous and legendary beaches in the

world Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana has

long attracted jet-setters to its

sunkissed sands stretching some four

kilometers in total the beach is

bordered by glitzy hotels fancy

restaurants and trendy nightclubs with

historic forts lying at either end the

beach truly is for everyone on any given

day you'll find locals and tourists

alike soaking up the Sun playing soccer

on the beach or strolling peacefully

along the iconic promenade with a lively

yet laid-back feel

Copacabana is one of the highlights of

any visit to Rio



number four maya bay since having shot

to fame in the 1999 film the beach maya

bay in thailand has been one of the most

sought-after beaches in the world such

was its popularity however that Thai

authorities had to shut the beach in

2018 and limit the number of visitors to

2,000 a day to help protect and preserve

the environment surrounded and sheltered

by towering limestone cliffs maya bays

white sand beach and inviting waters

make for one of the most stunning

settings imaginable located on the

island of koh phi phi leh which lies in

the Andaman Sea maya bay is a retreat to




number three whitehaven beach whitehaven

beach in queensland australia regularly

features amongst the most attractive

beaches in the world and it is easy to

see why boasting some of the purest sand

on earth

it stretches some seven kilometres with

brilliant turquoise waters lying

alongside its secluded coves and lagoons

due to its remote location in the

Whitsunday Islands the beach sees the

relatively few visitors you can lounge

on the sand go kayaking or enjoy a

barbecue with barely another soul in

sight only accessible by boat helicopter

or seaplane whitehaven beach flies right

at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef



number two

Tulum lying on Mexico's Caribbean coast

to room is not only home to one of the

country's best preserved Mayan ruins but

one of its best beaches too it once

served as the major port of the Mayan

city of koba Tulum was built around 1200

AD when the Mayan civilization was

already in decline and therefore lacks

the elegance of some other famous sites

the tropical beach backdrop however

makes this one of the most popular

tourist destinations in Mexico that is a

heaven for the photographer or artist




number one on source d'argent while the

Seychelles is famed for being an idyllic

and luxurious beach destination one name

stands out from the crowd on source

d'argent located on la digue island it

is one of the most photographed beaches

in the world and features in countless

travel magazines one of the world's top

beaches on source de Jong contains a

winning combination of large granite

boulders studying the coastline coupled

with pink sand beaches and coconut palms

with the warm waters of the Indian Ocean

lapping at its shores pristine and

untouched nature all around you and

exotic birds flying overhead it really

does make for an island paradise like no