10 Cheapest Places to live in California.

What is going on everyone? Welcome back to the world according to Briggs today

we're gonna look at the Golden State California California these days has

become a comeback for middle America's argument on why liberals are bad

California is one of the richest states in the nation not just economically

speaking either it's rich in natural beauty to the weather the beaches the

mountains and all that cosmetic surgery makes California beautiful California is

a highly desirable place to live and that's a fact and it shows by the cost

of living and housing prices San Francisco now outranks Manhattan as the

most expensive real estate market in the US I read one thing on a real estate

site that said any other city in America if you make 500,000 a year you have your

choice of almost any house and in almost any neighborhood that's not the case in

Manhattan or San Francisco today's list is not about San Francisco it's about

places in California that still might be considered a cheap place to live at

least for California standards now quick heads up if I went just by the numbers

all those places would be in the middle of Death Valley because it is dirt cheap

to live out there you just have to get used to dust dirt and sweating a lot and

that wouldn't make for a very exciting list it would make for a very depressing

list actually so I'll spread it out with places that I found that are nice and

inexpensive compared to the rest of California now they're not going to be

perfect if it's a really cheap town in California there's a reason for it it's

not the greatest town but some of these are okay now I'm sure there's a bunch

more that we missed and we would love to hear about it in the comment section

below so feel free to tell us about them all right

in no particular order let's find out where you can live in California without

selling the kidney number 1029 Palms California

29 palms was named after the palm trees found there in 1852 by Colonel Henry

Washington he decided to do a little surveying in the area and found some

trees a whole lot of dirt and rocks the town of almost twenty six thousand

residents sits just outside the Joshua Tree National Park they also have the

Marine Corps Air Group combat center at 29 palms or just 29 palms I've trained

there with the Marines I was in the Army the Marines we trained

together sometimes I swear I'd never go back there and so far I'm holding up

that promise to myself please horrible train the cost of living in Twentynine

Palms is 33 percent lower than California's average that's pretty good

that's a low number and it's seven percent lower than the national average

29 palms housing is 25 percent lower than the national average you can get a

house here for as low as 150,000 you probably won't want that house but it's

there for you if you want to get a better house probably the nicer ones

start off around 250 and go all the way up to 350 maybe most of them don't have

lawns because this place is desert and dry but you might be lucky if you have a

bush or two number nine Blythe California Blythe California is what you

get when you combine desert and retirees on a fixed income the good news is it's

cheap to live here the city was incorporated on July 21st 1916 the

population was 20 thousand at the 2010 census and they think it's dropped a

little bit they're not really sure how much we'll find out in a year so when

this census is over Blythe is in the Colorado desert which is part of the

Sonora Desert yes it is in California and it's called the Colorado desert the

Colorado River flows just east of town so it sort of makes sense blights

housing is 30 percent lower than the national average and the cost of living

is 34 percent lower than California's average and the cost of living is 8

percent lower than the national average in Blyth you can get a home you don't

want for under $150,000 and get one you probably do want for $225,000 they have

a bunch of mobile homes here and what's weird is they have a bunch of homes that

aren't mobile homes but they look like they are it's like they design them that

way it's weird number 8

chef Jill in California Chowchilla is in between Merced and Fresno Merced is OK

Fresno sucks Chow chilla also has the valley state prison real close and I

think people would rather mention that they live near a prison than near Fresno

Chowchilla isn't terrible place it gets hot and it has some crime it's

not as bad as the cost living might make you think Chile's crime rate is actually

36 percent lower than California's average the cost living in Chowchilla is

30 cent lower than California's average and

2% lower than the national average the real estate prices are about 63% lower

here than the California average houses you don't want here are around 160,000

and the ones you do want are somewhere close to 300,000 a little bit over

probably but in general this is a really good place to live if you just get past

that Heat number seven gusty in California Gus teen is a little town

between San Jose and Merced if you're looking at a map

Gus teen has about 6,000 residents and it's the type of place where you could

drive up and down the interstate five for years and not realize that this

towns just a few miles off the interstate I watched a video about how

during the copa de 19 lockdown like March and April the police started

delivering food and groceries for people because the town was so small they

didn't have anything like GrubHub that's great they were just dropping people's

stuff off especially the elderly so they wouldn't have to leave the house during

the lockdown it's a nice small town and I'm kind of shocked that it's so cheap

to live here it is kind of out of the way so that plays into it but still the

cost living in Gus teen is 31 percent lower than California's average in 3%

lower than the national average the housing and Gus teen is 15 percent lower

than the national average now they have a bunch trailers here and they go for

next to nothing like eighteen to twenty thousand for one they also have a whole

lot of vacant lots that are for sale for under a hundred thousand dollars but the

nicer homes start off at about 290 277 I saw a couple like that but they go all

the way up to 425 thousand for a really nice house here number six

fireball California fireball got its name from a guy who ran a ferry that

crossed the San Joaquin River back in the day the thing is that's not even how

you spell his name so many people misspelled his name it kind of stuck

it's actually f IE RBA ugh not fi r e ba ugh so mixed up two letters and it kind

of stuck this is a farming community for the most part if you need any proof for

that and the surrounding farmland didn't convince you every year they have a

cantaloupe roundup festival yeah cantaloupe roundup festival the

cost of living in fireball is 35% lower than California's average and a

percent lower than the national average fire boss housing is actually 32 percent

lower than the national average most all of the houses go for in between 200 and

250 thousand now they have a few that are higher but all the ones that are for

sale right now are right around that area 200 to 250 thousand number five El

Centro California down near the Mexico border east of San Diego yob El Centro

if you like warm weather El Centro has plenty of it for you this is a farming

city it was a farming town but now the metro area has over 160,000 residents so

it's a farming city this city is right in the middle of miles and miles of

farmland and desert they actually have a great ATV area called Imperial dudes but

actually I guess the real name is Algodones dunes but I've always called

it Imperial dunes I don't know that's what everyone I knew called it anyway

this place draws thousands of visitors every single year mainly for off-road

driving anything I've seen everything out there I've actually also seen a few

photo shoots with models and stuff like that's been pretty cool it's a neat

landscape the cost living in El Centro is 30 percent lower than California's

average and 2 percent lower than the national average the housing is 14

percent lower than the national average and it's a great place to live for the

most part they do have some crime but not terrible I mean if you watch the

news you think anything near the Mexico border is just gonna be some kind of you

know war zone now it's not just like El Paso they have some crime but it's not

crazy like you'd think it should be if you watch the news you can get homes

here in the 200,000 area but those aren't really the ones you want you want

to be looking 250 to 350 and they go all the way up but that's a nice spot 250 to

350 thousand dollars will get you a good home in El Centro number 4

Atwater California the railroad reached Atwater in the 1870s and the town grew

from there that the first post office opened up in 1880 and Atwater was

incorporated in 1922 they named the town after marshal de Atwater a local wheat

farmer whose land they used to actually put the railroad station in come nice

thing give up little land they named the town after you this is a nice town it's

the other side of Merced from Fresno so that's good but it's closer to Modesto

hmm that's a tough one I'm not sure which one sucks worse Fresno or Modesto

I'm gonna have to think about that one anyway the cost living in Atwater is 30%

lower than California's average and 2% lower than the national average the

housing is 11% lower than the national average so this is a good place to live

they do have some crime it's 59 percent higher than the national average but

that's nothing I mean take a look at Detroit I think they're like three

hundred and forty percent higher than the national average so 59 percent is

not bad you can get a house here that's a decent good shape that's been

well-maintained for under two hundred fifty thousand two hundred twenty two

two hundred fifty thousand that'll get you a nice small house you get up

towards a three hundred area and it starts getting a lot better but yeah

you're looking between 250 and 350 that's a nice price for a town like this

number three Rosamond California Rosamond is about an

hour outside of Los Angeles just north of Lancaster the our thing is

technically correct but unless you live on the outskirts of LA you should know

it takes about an hour to get out of LA most days the first local industries

were mining and cattle during the 1890s gold was discovered and like everywhere

else when people start pulling money out of the ground more people show up and

the community was born the gold dried up years later but people stayed because of

nearby Murdoch field which later was renamed to Edwards Air Force Base if you

don't mind desert life this might be worth a look the cost of living in

Rosamond is twenty four percent lower than california's average and it's about

even with the national average the housing is 11 percent lower than the

national average which is good in Rosemont there's plenty of empty lots

for around ten thousand I mean they have a whole bunch of them you could buy a

plot of land and put whatever you want on them they have some nice mobile home

parks they've got some rundown ones too but they have some nice ones where you

can get a place for you know around fifty thousand or under fifty thousand a

house here starts around two hundred twenty thousand and they go all the way

up I actually saw one for seven hundred thousand it was nice but my opinion it

was far too expensive for Rosamund number two all Taurus California do you

want to get away do you hate everyone you know are you tired of having friends

and family wanting to visit if so you should probably move to this little town

in the northeastern corner of cow fornia this is one of those towns that

probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the train back in the day I'm not

even sure if the train goes through here anymore but it used to this is a

beautiful little town that would probably be far more expensive if it

wasn't so remote this place is it's kind of away from everything the cost of

living in Alturas is 34 percent lower than California's average and it's about

eight percent lower than the national average all tourist housing is actually

41 percent lower than the national average now that's one thing if it's

lower than California's but it's lower than the national average by 41 percent

that's pretty good you could buy a livable home for under $100,000 it might

need a little work but they look nice a really nice house starts at about

220,000 and they have nice lots of land for under ten thousand I did watch one

guy's video and he said if you have 18 T cell service plan on changing the

Verizon if you move here because the cell service for 18 t there sucked

that's just what he said I don't know that for sure and number one Susanville

California about two hours south of all tourists near Eagle Lake you have

Susanville like Alturas if you want to cut down on unannounced visitors move

here things move a little slow in Susanville here's a picture of downtown

in 1975 and here it is again in 2005 the totally kidding mine anyway the cost of

living in Susanville is 30% lower than the California average and about two

percent lower than the national average housing here is 15 percent lower than

the national average this a great place to live it's really nice they have

houses for sale on Eagle Lake or just a short walk off the lake from 50 to

$150,000 a nice house in town will run you about a hundred and fifty thousand

to two hundred and twenty thousand this is a nice place to live it's only about

an hour and a half from Reno Nevada so I mean it's a quiet town you got some

entertainment in Reno just an hour and a half away not bad

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