Where the River Goes: The Missouri

family history revolving around the

Missouri River since before I was born

in the generation before me my

grandfather on my dad's side Brannan

operated the gates of the mountain and

then my grandfather Stephen Ambrose on

my mom's side came up and was doing the

trip riding undaunted courage and

stopped in at the gates of the mountain

doing the gate figure there's no

completely bizarre this place really is

so right there those those limestone

cliffs man that's it yeah this is it and

you can tell how abrupt it really is

this is where Meriweather Lewis thought

he was finally entering the Rocky

Mountains where Seneca knees hopefully

climb up a little hill and go down the

other side and float his way to the

Pacific which doesn't exactly happen the

gates of mountain is basically 80 miles

from headwaters Three Forks is 80 miles

south of us every place is interesting

we just have to be the caretakers at

this particular time and then somebody

else would come in and take care of it

now I think we're gonna throw it in and

camp with it tonight he's gonna come

back in yeah exactly

yeah that's sleeping on the ground

yeah we're bringing it back to our glory


so I heard like a chris-craft

oh sure no no it's Madison limestone

formation the same type of rock you find


losing Clarke cavern as well as places

you can always come back to the gates is

a very stable they've got an all

conservation eased this evening we

entered the most remarkable cliffs that

we've yet seen these cliffs rise from

the water's edge on either side cook

them decline to the height of about

twelve hundred feet every object wears a

dark and gloomy aspect so that one of

the things it looks really light but if

it rains on this rock this rock turns

black this is the bedding

you'll start seeing the pictographs

right into that Tim says they're carbon

dated now 1200 years across then you've

got the what appears to be a buffalo

right there the other big one is the

stick figure you know Buffalo was one of

their it was their animal that kept

their whole tribes together so drawing

that would make sense the mountains

obviously if you're out here on a Vision

Quest this place will impact you with

the mountains in the Sierra

all forgotten stories that are being

retold in new ways and who knows how

much we've lost when out to another

historic place which is the site of the

man golf's fire where the 13

firefighters died in 1949

and you can see the terrain it's how it

ground up there if you go up there you

can just see him slipping downslope as

they try to outrun it and get tired and

start running down the hill when the

fire catches something blew through this

whole place and used to wipe all the

trees scorched the ground I took you

know this is 50 years of growth you

stand in this goalie and you see how

little hope you would have of scaling

these cliffs

sort of come out here do as you please

during whatever type here it is it's

definitely a generational special place

for us each you know each generation

gets its own story like we saw the man

Gulch and we saw the the pictographs at

the site there each one of those just

stories being passed on to the next

generation so I hope to be able to do

the same things with my kids when I

raise them bring them over to the canyon

ferry and gates the mountains and tell

them the stories that I've heard now

once you get out here just like you just

don't want to leave and you always want

some reason to come back and you gotta

experience it to really know what it's

about but he spent a lot of time on them

somebody know right yeah I'm born and

raised and spent my whole life on this

river all right guarantee Houston

it's kind of just part of me I can't

really leave in mine