Visiting a Source of the Mississippi River




here comes

their goals is underground under the

each and Beaver Dam comes out again it

goes on to the upper lake meandering as

it goes

amongst the meandering beaver dam is



more or less of a panorama of upper lake

in the southern toward the northern and

indeed doesn't get much beyond that

toward the left

that's quite a ridge


okay standing on the side of a hill nice

steep hill look at those trees the upper

lake must be in that direction more or

less that's more or less north

a little stream that have been following

I'm getting more and more narrow

this is seems to be coming out of the

ground the ground is squeezing it out

this is trickling us can be oh my golly

so that's the Nicolette Creek coming

from underground as it goes downstream

picking up more and more water probably

from under all


still apparently some spring is coming

in on the side but hard enough to walk

on just like last August movies

streaming this stream looks like it's

coming from beyond a tree of first

it's the screen that and I'm connecting

with the upper lake at least it's coming

from the direction of the upper lake

here's a side stream

and we said the waterfall is called a

while ago


to know the upper lake

nice beaver dam

here the channel joins the larger

channel we saw just a lovable that's

basically the main channel of Nicolette

Springs there it goes into the lake the

middle lake

I'm using upper middle and lower as

Brauer did