The Mississippi River

the Mississippi River here is a map of

the Mississippi River

the river runs through ten states in

America northern Minnesota flowing south

through Wisconsin Iowa Illinois Missouri

Kentucky Tennessee Arkansas Mississippi

and Louisiana before spilling into the

Gulf of Mexico the Mississippi is about

two thousand five hundred and fifty-two

miles long which is four thousand one

hundred and seven kilometers and ends up

in the Gulf of Mexico

in the middle of the Mississippi River

I'm standing you on the edge of the

Mississippi River in the United States

of America as you can see it's about

ladies would and so it's running pretty

fast now further downstream

now I moved further downstream so it's

about 35 meters wide now as you can see

on the ground there's sand so that means

that the rivers going slow

the animals and wildlife the bald eagle

um I was on a boat trip and then I saw

an eagle and I took a photo of it it's

actually very common around the

Mississippi River

the catfish when our scuba diving um in

the river I'd there was loads of catfish

around and I took some photos of them

this is my best photo the white-tailed

deer is is one of the mammals that lives

around it um perform its name you

already know that it has a whitetail

thanks for watching