VIDEO: Miss Connecticut takes the stage at Miss America pageant

tonight the 2020 Miss America

competition is right in our own backyard

at Mohegan Sun for the first time ever

the nearly 100 year old event has come

to Connecticut in channel 3 a new London

bureau chief Kevin Hogan checked out the

excitement and caught up with Miss

Connecticut I feel so excited I

performed my talent last night I

couldn't have asked for anything to be


Jillian Duffy of Burlington sang last

night during the talent competition

while she's danced most of her

competitive life at 13 Jillian was

diagnosed with leukemia and the cancer

made her bones brittle now 22 years old

Miss Connecticut has been competing

actively since she was 8 tonight she

delivers her social impact initiative

about her nine-year fight to beat cancer

even suffering a stroke midway through

the fight and just 2 days ago she was

determined to be cancer-free it's just

an amazing feeling I've truly called

full circle and now being an ambassador

for Children's Miracle Network is a

dream come true and I'm walking across

in this America stage so I could not ask

for anything else

wellhe and sun is buzzing with Miss

America activity there's even a store in

the exhibition Center guests are

arriving from all over the country but

the best thing for Miss Connecticut

while it may have seemed like a lifetime

to get to this moment it was a short

drive I didn't have to worry about how

heavy my suitcases were or anything

being under three ounces so that was

really nice and my whole family gets to

come and attend with the mobile newsroom

Uncasville Kevin Hogan channel 3

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