Morgan Silver Dollar - The Basics and What You Should Know

there is a lot of information to take in

about the Morgan Silver Dollar so today

I wanted to simplify it a little bit

some people might not know what a Morgan

dollar is some people might just be

getting into it and they want to low a

little more about it

hello you - how you doing today this is

what we're gonna be talking about

so the Morgan dollar is a of course one

dollar coin

they're made from 90% silver 10% copper

they were minted from 1878 to 1904 and

then again in 1921 they were minted in

five different locations Philadelphia

San Francisco New Orleans Carson City

and Denver the only year that they made

Morgan Dollars in Denver is in 1921 some

of the more rare dates to look for in

the Morgan dollar series the the two

most rare dates are 1895 and 1893 I say

those are the most rare dates because

any mint in that year which means

whenever if it's that if it's 1893 or

1895 whatever the mint mark is it's

still rare some dates you have you know

you could have one mint mark and it's

not so rare you could have another and

it's ten times more rare now the mint

mark is a letter on the back of the coin

you can see this one has an O underneath

the wreath at the bottom that's where

the mint mark is on the Morgan dollar

this one is an O which indicates in New

Orleans you can tell a coin was minted

in Philadelphia if it has no mint mark

at all if it's a Denver then it was

would have a D on it San Francisco is s

and Carson City is C C now I don't have

any Carson City examples to show you I

have owned them before but I sold them

all this is an 1880

it's very worn but it does have an S

there's an eighteen ninety-nine there's

an O on there let's see what else do I


I thought I had a 1921 D I have a 1921 s

so some other key dates to look for our

1901 Philadelphia which means no mint

mark for Carson City while any Carson

City date is rare okay if no matter what

the date is if it has the Carson City

mint mark which is to seize then it's

rare the most rare one being 1889 with a

mintage of only three hundred and fifty

thousand the most rare Morgan dollar in

existence is the 1895 Philadelphia mint

they only made proofs ok proof Morgan

Dollars for any date are very very rare

now what is a proof this is a proof this

is a modern quarter 1998's nowadays they

make most proofs at the San Francisco


but proofs are made with highly polished

dyes now the dye is the piece that

strikes the coin to put the imprint on

it and these are as you can see this has

like very black fields and more frosty

details on it this one isn't the best

example but it's pretty nice so that is

what a proof looks like they're not made

for circulation nowadays they're made

for collectors so proof Morgan Dollars

are extremely rare and 1895 they only

made proofs in the Philadelphia Mint

for 1895 they're extremely rare because

they only made 880 approximately about

half of

those are estimated to exist today so

less than 500 probably are still in

existence because at one point Morgan

dollars were actually melted down in

bulk which makes some dates even harder

to find so some other dates to look for

are 1893 again any mint mark the second

most rare Morgan dollar is the 1893 s so

it would have the s mint mark on the

reverse 1890 300 1893 Carson City those

are rare as well also Philadelphia other

dates to look for of course 1882 Carson

City 83 84 some of the more rare Carson

City mints are 1881 which only has a

mintage of 296,000 and looking through

the red book for this information this

is a great resource for any US coins

whether modern or super old

so 1885 Carson City that's also very

rare with a mintage of only two hundred

and twenty-eight thousand another rare

date is the 1888 s with a mintage of

only six hundred and fifty seven

thousand 1889 s you know not the rarest

but has a mintage of only seven hundred

thousand which is pretty low average

mintage for the Morgan dollar you know

you could you completely yeah I can't

talk today you could be looking at

anywhere from five million to thirteen

million okay that that's like typical

mintage for the Morgan dollar so

anything really under a million is

pretty rare

so 1921 it's probably gonna be your most

common date they make tons of um they

made combined like over 480 million and

they were minted in Philadelphia Denver

in San Francisco and they made tons of

them and they're probably the most

common one out there in higher grade and

liking really high grade you're talking

a few hundred bucks depending on the

grade but other than that they really

don't carry that much of a premium

unless it's a very particular coin so

there are a lot of other things you can

look for besides key dates also you

could look for dive varieties which are

also called vams I have a couple

examples here this one is an 1899

it's an omen and see how small that mint

mark is this is called a micro oh that

is a van variety this one's in 1882 I

actually have a whole video on this that

I found well that I bought this one is

an O / s which basically means it has an

O stamped over an S mint mark and that's

actually a very for those of you who

know a little more about it

so some dates like 1883 1884 85 86 87

really from 1883 to 1889 anything with

an s mint mark is a little more rare bit

of a more semi key dates going on there

this is an 1883 s but just because it is

a better date doesn't always mean it's

more valuable okay this one in this

condition this is really worth no more

than most other coins in its condition

because it's just that worn yes it's a

better date it's a better mint mark but

at the same time it's very worn out and

especially ones with a lot of dings and

scratches you're not looking at a very

high premium for those

so I just wanted to share that knowledge

with you today I love these things you

know I definitely would encourage anyone

to get into them because not only are

they fun to collect they're a great

investment because there's a lot of

silver in this big old coin alright so

thank you everyone for watching be sure

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I keep cherry pickin and happy hunting