hello there guys this is Tex Coyne I'm

gonna share another interesting mint

error video but this is gonna be as you

can see it's gonna be a Bicentennial

1776 1976 quarter no mint mark okay and

this is the reverse side as you can see

it's in really really good condition but

what I found on the obverse side is

gonna be a rim error okay but let me go

ahead and and show you first the reverse

side it's really nice

it's in real good shape now let me show

you the rim and this is not what I'm

talking about either this is a really

good condition

now let me show you the front side

you're gonna see it right off bad see

the ramier you can see it right off bad

no mint mark

but I thought that was a real nice minty

air that we have here and I wanted to

share with you guys you can see that

right there but this has it here on the

rim as you can see I thought that was

real cool it's a different type of mint

error on this Bicentennial quarter and I

figured let me share with my with my

viewers so they can go ahead and start

looking for this type of mint air as

well and see how they they will classify

it it's in really nice shape this


but that's the rumor that I wanted to

share with you guys and see what you

guys thought of it what you think and

what you would classify it as let me

know guys see what you guys think you'll

be safe guys take care bye bye