The Iconic 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar

the 1878 silver dollar the first Morgan

1878 was the year the first what came to

be known as the Morgan Silver Dollar

we're at the beginning of a modern

United States with technology beginning

to come to the forefront and the need

for a unified system of currency

becoming a necessity Morgan Silver

Dollars were introduced by the

government after the controversy which

led to the free silver act this commited

the government to minting a minimum

amount of silver dollars each year and

they decided to use the commitment to

this to introduce a brand-new silver

dollar coin before the introduction of

this coinage act any silver could be

brought to any mint and made into legal

tender for a small fee this means

bullion producers use less silver than

the face value of the coin and made a

large profit on the difference trade

suffered and the government wanted to

you know regulate this practice George

Morgan was an Englishman and he was

recommended for the the job of designing

the coin

he was an engraver and a sculptor and

was asked to repair the designs

inscriptions and dyes for this brand-new

coin by November of 1887 we're gonna

completed the engravings and prepare the

dyes for the United States Mint

Philadelphia San Francisco Carson City

and New Orleans where the site's chosen

to produced the Morgan Silver Dollar

coins the four mints involved in the

production do not strike the same number

of coins at each site there was a large

disparity in the production of the

silver coins each had its own mint mark

on the reverse side of the coin which

you can see when you're looking at the

coin each had it under the olive branch

the mint marks the coins are the key to

their value Philadelphia coins have no

mint mark Carson City are marked with CC

San Francisco are marked with s and New

Orleans are marked with a production of

the coins was highest at Philadelphia

and Louis at Carson City this means that

Carson City ones are generally more rare

and worth more and vice versa for the

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