Airport Tour - MSP - Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport - Terminal 1

welcome to this brief tour of

Minneapolis st. Paul International

Airport code MSP MSP is a gateway

Airport for the Upper Midwest and it's

best known for the service it provides

to its largest tenant Delta Airlines MSP

is Delta's third largest Connection hub

behind Atlanta and Detroit MSP handles

more passengers than every airport in

every neighboring state combined so you

might be nervous about its complexity in

its congestion not to worry though this

tour should provide all that you need to

make your flight through MSP EEZ MSP has

two terminals and this tour focuses on

the primary terminal this C shaped

terminal which services most of M ESPYs

flights contains seven concourses all of

which are connected airside the

concourses labeled a through GE are

arranged counterclockwise so we'll start

on the northeastern end concourses

a and B handled the smallest most

regional flights for Delta connection

and other small carriers Upper Midwest

flights from small regional airports

like Lincoln Duluth Fargo and Cedar

Rapids would have arrived here each gate

area has its own seating albeit small

and many also feature a jet way so you

won't have to walk across the freezing

tarmac in the winter concourse a is part

of the main terminal building while

concourse B is separate accessible via

an underground walkway to the left at

the beginning of a both have similar

layout and size which makes for shorter

walks to your connection concourse C is

MSPs largest terminal and its home to

Delta's regional and mainline

connections to medium-sized cities

flights to my hometown of Louisville to

part here for example to help

accommodate its half mile length and

automated tram services the west central

and east parts of this concourse

accessible at low footprint stations

along the concourses southern edge the

eastern terminus of the tram lets out

near the branching entrances of

concourses a and B and the airport's

brand new Intercontinental Hotel and the

central stop lets out near a circular

food court above this food court you'll

find the entrance to an elevated walkway

complete with moving sidewalks which

connects you from concourses C to G on


south side of the terminal which can

save you 15 minutes and a miles worth of

walking at the western end of C you'll

find a large hall that connects the

terminals to halves this Hall contains a

dedicated shopping area with high-end

stores for luggage clothing jewelry and

accessories for a primarily domestic

airport these shopping choices are

impressive you could be forgiven for

thinking you're in a mall bolide only

buy the rolling suitcases and the banks

of departure monitors at the Hall Center

you know what I'm gonna call it the mall

Hall the mall Hall also connects to

three small cog courses concourse D

offers some delta flights from a handful

of overflow gates d features an

observation deck as well which could be

accessed by stairs on the left as you

enter this single room concourse

concourses E and F jut out from the mall

halls west side concourse E's 16 gates

feature flights aboard several non Delta

carriers including American Alaska

frontier spirit air Canada and United

which has a United Club on the north

side concourse F offers service for Sky

team partners flying internationally as

well as miscellaneous domestic Delta

flights both E and F offer a great view

of the airfield and you can see

interesting aircraft movements on three

of MSPs four runways this Lee is Delta

centered concourse G located at the

southern end of the mall hall concourse

G is structured differently with a

handful of gate clusters spread out

across the southern side many of Delta's

intercontinental destinations depart

from the two western clusters from gates

G 1 through G 10 including nonstop

service to Paris Amsterdam Tokyo and

Seoul the three eastern clusters provide

service on mainline aircraft to large

cities and other Delta Airlines hubs the

main artery of concourse G is lined with

moving sidewalks punctuated by nodes on

the southern side with quick food

options restrooms and communal seating

areas that service several gates at a

time the walkway I mentioned earlier

also connects to G at its eastern end

MSP features a second terminal located a

mile southwest of the main terminal the

second terminal hosts Southwest Airlines

JetBlue icelandair Condor and the Twin

Cities own Sun Country Airlines which

offers low-cost travel to over a dozen

year-round destinations and about 40

seasonal destinations connections

involving the primary terminal and the

secondary terminal will require you to

transit outside of security but

thankfully it's easy and it's cheap

outside security you can take the

four-minute underground service between

the two terminals free of charge trains

run every 10 to 15 minutes 24/7 for most

of its passengers MSP is their gateway

to and from the smaller towns and cities

of the Upper Midwest but it's more than

that with its range of destinations

excellent dining and shopping options

and modern streamlined terminal MSP is a

world-class airport nestled in a humble

setting complete with a heavy helping of

Midwestern practicality and charm

whether you're a first-time flyer or a

frequent visitor I hope you enjoyed this

video and learn something new about MSP

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