Massive brawl erupts between Tulsa & Mississippi State at Armed Forces Bowl | ESPN College Football

bulldogs are gonna finish the season

four and seven a good win to wrap things

up to build on for 2021 and mike

leitch's second year as for

coach montgomery the tulsa golden

hurricane really good season played for

the american athletic conference


fell in that game and put up a good

fight today just came up a little shy to

mike leach

and the mississippi state bulldogs

yeah he's got to be excited but what he

has in the production that came out of

his young players

tonight obviously will rogers the

quarterback but then

you know his two leading running backs

he's got a wide receiver

jaylen wally step up and then tulu

griffin what a fantastic game by him

as well for martin hurt mark hurts like

ian fitzsimmons i'm chris connor thanks

for watching everyone let's send it back

to the studio

and the crew there final score here

28-26 mississippi state with the win









of a game that we just had that wrapped

up this lockheed martin armed forces

well chris cottermark firstly infant

simmons is down on the field

both of these teams came back together

and it got

ugly mark fist the cuffs were thrown

both of these benches

not only that i mean they were cleared

because they were meeting in midfield to

shake hands but it went all the way down

to the far end zone

yeah i mean this turned into a ball and

you know this wasn't pushing and shoving

that we saw before the game

there were punches thrown there was an

intent to injure people

i mean this is the type of situation

where you are hoping that

these players are able to walk away

these coaches are able to walk away with

no one seriously injured


the coach is trying to separate the team

state troopers on the field

this is the aftermath of what just took

place moments ago

as the coaches met at midfield and we

were signing off

it got ugly in a hurry here's what it

looked like

for both teams desperately trying to

keep things these teams apart

oh yeah i mean look at that those are

those are real punches being thrown that

malik heath number four

for mississippi state to neil martin is

into it with number seven for tulsa

yeah look is he has his helmet off he's

taking actual punches

to the head i mean it's dangerous i mean


these are strong men hitting each other

as hard as they can with middle helmets


right now there's that layer of coaches

in between them but

at some point someone pushed a little

bit to me but look at this i mean

look kicked in the face

there was this great actual kick in the


this is something that began percolating

before the game even began when both of

these teams were warming up on the field

a lot of drawing it progressed

throughout the entire game

and now this ian you're down on the

field what's going on yep

hey chris kendare and ray man right now

that hard hitting of safety the leading

captain for tulsa

is being helped off the sideline right

now he's having trouble breathing

um i mean it it it is nasty not even

nasty i

had to bring aaron brule and a couple

other mississippi state players just

telling them you're better than this

but right now kendare and ray i don't

have a camera on him right now so i'm

crossing them

yeah the 40 here on the tulsa side i


it is it is not a good scene at all

right now when it comes to the

hard-hitting safety for tulsa and he was

in the middle

of that mealy that just happened with

mississippi state

you see you saw joe gillespie the

defensive coordinator with the red

jacket that was just walking in front

of ray

and this just got completely out of


after the game was over coaches met at


and it had been percolating and building

all game long and finally it ends here

i mean there's we talk about physical

football games we talk about

the drawn blood on the this is

completely different

completely uncalled for and it's


i mean you said it i i honestly i

wouldn't be surprised

i mean if the criminal charges fell you


you can't do this i mean you can't rip

people's helmet off and then go kick him

in the face i mean

this is uh this is as bad as i've ever