Microsoft Office 2007: The Office Button

hello and welcome to the office button a

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in this session we will explore the many

features of the office button in program

options dialog box possibly the most

important feature to understand in the

Microsoft Office 2007 suite is the

office button the office button replaced

the old File menu when I hover over it I

get a screen tip telling me to click

here to open save or print and to see

everything else you can do with your

document and by clicking on it we can

see some familiar features as well as

some new features this is what we'll

uncover today the features under the

office button are new open save save as

print prepare send publish close and the

word options dialog box

notice that if these features have

further options they have a right facing

arrow and the detailed options appear on

the right-hand side of the office button

let's look at these options in more

depth by clicking the new button you

will access the new document dialog box

which gives you a variety of options for

ways to create a new document open

simply opens any already saved document

on your computer or network save saves

your existing document save as from here

we can choose to save our document in

the normal word version or if we're

going to be working with people who are

using older versions of word we can save

it as a 97 to 2003 document this will

enable people with older versions of

Word to open our office 2007 document we

also have the ability to save a document

as a PDF directly from word this is

accomplished by downloading a plugin

that will run with word once installed

you can save any word document as a PDF

by hovering over the print button we can

see we have three options print quick

print and print preview by clicking

print we will get the print dialog box

where we can adjust our printer pages

numbers of copies and other features by

clicking quick print we will get one

copy of our document printed no

questions asked in print preview is just

that that is the preview of our document

before we send it to print one thing I

like to do because we do not have a

Print Preview button i right click on

this and choose to add it to my quick

access toolbar once I've done that I now

have a Print Preview button in my quick

access toolbar now let's look at our

prepare options

there are a lot of options here for

inspecting and looking at your existing

document properties is for examining the

metadata of your file inspect document

allows you to look and see if any hidden

data has been attached to your file

without your knowledge encrypting a

document allows you to add encryption

this is one you may want to be careful

of as well as restricting permission

consult your IT staff to see what the

best way is for you to protect your

documents if this is a needed feature we

can also add a digital signature

these are usually granted by a third

party and you may not have those in your

current office environment Marques final

is a glorified read-only function and

finally we have run compatibility

checker if you are going to be saving

your document for use with older

versions of Word it's good to run this

first to make sure none of the features

you're using are incompatible with other

versions of word send here we can either

email our document on to other people as

an attachment straight out of word or we

can send it as an internet fax publish

these are more advanced features if you

are publishing straight to a blog this

is a great feature you can just click

the blog button document management

server and create document workspace are

both related to Microsoft SharePoint if

your office is not using Microsoft

SharePoint you don't need to worry about

these features close clicking the close

button will close you out of your

current document word options clicking

the word options button will launch the

word options dialog box and it is here

that we can customize the way word works

once in the word options dialog box we

can see it's divided into sections the

popular section has some commonly used


display lets you set how the page will

display and how characters will display

proofing proofing is where you can

adjust your autocorrect options as well

as how spellcheck will work and your

grammar check save allows you to

determine what the default file type is

that you will save to as well as the

default location where your documents

will save of course at any moment you

can override these choices these are

purely the defaults the advanced option

has many many features here if there's

some way that you want a customized word

I would recommend coming here and

looking at all your options customize is

where we can customize the quick access

toolbar add-ins helps us manage any

add-in programs we may be using the

trust Center is where we can set our

security settings for the entire

application it's also where we can

determine how macros will be handled by

word Resources is where we can get

updates run Diagnostics if we're having

problems with our application and

activate our instance of Microsoft

Office we can also access Microsoft

Office online and all the features that

come with that one other feature of the

office button is the ability to see

recently opened documents

they appear on the right side in the

order in which they were opened most

recent on the top by default 17

documents will appear here if there's a

document however that you want to show

up here no matter how many you open I

can click on this pin on the right hand

side and that document will remain in my

recent documents until I remove it the

office button is just one button in the

office suite but understanding what

features are here and how to manipulate

them to get a better result in Word will

make you more productive and less

frustrated we hope this session has been

informative thank you for choosing logon

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