Enable iPad Microphone

hi I'm Karen and here's a quick tip to

share how to enable your microphone in

an app in which it might have been

turned off and so I'm going to take you

over here to my iPad in which I have one

of my favorite apps edgy creation while

education uses the microphone and notice

it actually has a record button here

but a lot of times when people receive

this app or turn it on I guess launch it

for the first time they'll get a

notification that says would you allow

the microphone to work with this app and

sometimes people click no because

they're not sure what it's asking them

to do and so in this case I clicked no

and so if I hit the record button it

says unable to access the microphone you

need to enable the microphone permission

and so forth in the privacy section so

I'm going to click OK but basically I'm

not able to record any audio in this app

and that makes me very sad as a teacher

so I want to teach you how to turn this

on I'm going to hit the home button and

you want to make sure that you go over

to your settings so locate your settings

and this is really easy on the left hand

side you want to make sure that you find

privacy I've got privacy and you'll

notice over here on the right that you

have different things that ask for

permission so for example photos here I

want to go ahead and click on the

microphone because that's what I don't

have access to right now click on it and

you'll notice every single app that uses

my microphone is listed here and so

since I said no it's turned off all I

have to do is just click turn it back on

and now I can use my microphone in the

edge of Creations app just like that

I'll hit my home button here go back to

education of course it it deleted my

work there we go hey now when I press

record I'm able to talk about how much I

love edgy creations and even save my

work and that actually recorded me this

time you'll notice that little counter

so I'll hit my home button here you have

to take my word for it it did record and

that was just a quick tip on how to

enable your microphone if it has been

turned off for your iPad