Fix mic issues iPhone clogged Mic port


hey guys the Carter here and welcome to

another blog tech tips today guys I'm

gonna show you how to fix an issue where

your mic on your iphone basically is

giving issues it doesn't matter which

iPhone it is this is an iPhone 6s Oliver

can happen to any iPhone new are all

alright so basically what's up with this

issue is that whenever you make calls

you're barely here in the other party or

the other party can barely hear you no

matter you speak now you might think

this a network issue but it is not it's

actually an issue with the phone also if

you record videos you might realize that

audio is quite low alright so if you're

having similar issues with call quality

and being on the other party is unable

to ear you and of course you cannot get

good quality audio with video is

recorded with your phone I'm gonna show

you to fix this issue you might also

have issues with your loudspeaker in

that your load speakers on low run

normal and so on alright so basically

guys a quick fix if you're having that

issue the first thing I wanna do guys is

to actually get something like a

toothpick actually something else like a

pimper dolls or whatever I recommend a

toothpick alright next you're gonna turn

the phone over to the bees and as you

can see the bass or the iPhone as seen

here know what you're gonna aim for here

guys is you have the the microphone port

here and of course it's a low zone to

enter the device so people can actually

hear you now of course some time Adam is

that this port can actually become

blocked with dirt and lint so what I'm

gonna do is gonna get that pick you know

get it in here and of course you're

gonna pick hold dirt I'm gonna try to

get all the dirt remember do not push it

all the way don't you might damage the

speaker sort of carefully get it in

there and see if there is anything does

a portion of the way and try to actually

get out any dirt that's in the port you

can actually blow out the port alright

once you do that guys what's gonna

happen is that a port to become clean

and of course your microphone will work

again it will hear you as clear as

possible providing there is no

microphone damage next sometimes the

speaker girls can also be blocked what

you gonna do guys is you're gonna do the

same thing you know clean out these

speaker grilles in total and this device

which is the iPhones

there's a total of six in the tree not

all of these discs and also among other

phones or other branded foods so if you

have other devices that's not the iPhone

you can actually try out this fix as

well so that has been a quick fix

showing you how to fix Mike related

issues and also sometimes I'm speaker

related issues where the ports are

blocked on the iPhone or other similar

devices so this is Ricardo saying bye

until next time bye