3 Tips to fix your iPhone microphone

Hey what is up guys Steven calls of Mac

here now if you don't experience some

problems with your iPhone's microphone

in this video I'm going to give you

three tips to solve all of your problems

and avoid the cost of getting it

replaced so let's get started firstly

you need to check if your microphone is

working at all for example this is my

friend's phone which during a phone call

the person on the other end of the line

wasn't able to hear him but if he puts

on loudspeaker it would work or for


Sarah would work no problem so we know

that the microphone isn't a write-off

and it doesn't have to be replaced

completely with the iPhone being placed

in your pockets or bugs it's easy for

lots of dirt to get collected within the

headphone jack and the microphone itself

went on a call adjust the volume to see

whether it says speaker or headphones if

it says headphones then this dirt

collected within the headphone jack

itself in this phone's case the issue

was with death in the microphone to fix

this is really easy simply get a kind of

compressed air which you can pick up

from your local DIY shop or online then

shake well and spray within the holes

this will force out any dirt or

Grandin's collected within but you'll

then flip the microphone or headphone

jack in this phone's case this solved

the issue but if that's not the case for

you if you've got an older iPhone such

there from four 4s 5 or 5s it could be

an issue with the microphone being

grounded with the particular screw for

this fix we'll need to remove the case

of the back of the iPhone so if you're

not comfortable doing this perhaps take

it to your local repair shop or an Apple

Store remove the back of the phone

buying screw in the two screws on the

bottom make sure you have the correct

screw driver for example the iPhone 4

and 4s use Phillips whereas the iPhone 5

and 5s use pentalobe screws if you wear

these down using the wrong screw driver

you'll be well screwed once they're

removed slide up the back panel so you

can take us off then find the screw

between the camera and the chassis and

either loosen or tighten this each case

is slightly different so you might have

to play around a little until you find

the best results there's also multiple

cases where microphone issues with the

iPhone 4 and 4s have been fixed by

placing a small cardboard cutouts to add

more pressure just below the camera I'll

leave a link to a great video that shows

you how to do that in the description

down below

finally if those tips haven't solved

anything it could just be down to a

software glitch you can try it selling

off noise cancellation on the Settings

General and accessibility

you can try restarting the phone as this

can solve this issue if it's caused by a

bug or an app that it's causing issues

in the background well go to reset all

settings which is at the bottom of the

general screen if none of those have

sorted it the last result is resetting

the phone back to factory settings just

make sure to make it backup of your

iPhone first well that's it for this


but let me know in the comments section

down below how you got on did it solve

your problems if not let me know and

I'll try and find some more solutions

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