How to Turn On External Headset Microphone on Dell laptops

hi what do you call a computer that

things that's right idelle after some

recent Windows 10 and real tech audio

drivers updates a lot of Dell laptops

users experience problems with external

headset mic basically when you plug in

your headset system doesn't recognize

external mic but the internal microphone

works fine

moreover volume up and down buttons

don't work either don't worry it's not a

hardware or Jack issues

first of all find Dell audio icon which

looks like a big speaker in the

notification area or go to control panel

and click Dell audio click advanced and

Jack information then check enable

pop-up dialog check box plug in your

headset and as you can see a little

pop-up dialog appears asking you which

device did you plug in select headset

with microphone and uncheck this

checkbox otherwise you will see this

annoying pop-up dialog box whenever you

plug in your headphones or headset click

ok now you can see that external mic

works as well as volume buttons