Redmi Earbuds S Review, Mic Test, Water Test, Unboxing, PUBG!

Today we’re going to check out the Redmi Earbuds S, which are a very exciting pair

of true wireless earphones because of their price point, especially because people trust

Xiaomi to make great value products, and while they are really good for their price, there

are some drawbacks to them that might make you look for some other option.

Hey guys, I am Siddharth, and let’s talk about that.

We get a very basic unboxing experience with these, as the box itself is very simple, and

inside it we get extra eartips of different sizes, a manual, and the earbuds in their


There is no USB cable for charging, but I can’t complain about that at this price


Coming to the design and build, the Redmi Earbuds definitely feel like a budget product.

The case is made of cheap plastics, and the build quality is very basic, and the lid of

the case also kind of wobbly, which makes it feel cheap, and charging is done through

this micro USB port.

The earbuds are also made of cheap plastic, and the design also doesn’t have anything

to write home about, But they do have these large multi function buttons on their sides

which are easy to press and work very well.

A single press will play or pause your music, a double press will launch Google assistant,

and a triple press will enable game mode which we will talk about later.

I don’t have an issue with the quality of plastics used here, but I do think that the

design could be better.

For reference here’s a 2500 Rs.

Blitzwolf pair of true wireless earbuds from Banggood, and you can see how it has a design

that fits your ear well, while on the Redmi buds, it’s a very basic design that I have

seen in some other cheap earbuds.

So while these Blitzwolf earphones sit well in your ears because of their ear friendly

shape, the Redmi earbuds just use their big eartips to hold themselves in your ears.

But coming to comfort, the Redmi Earbuds are still comfortable enough, the plastic used

here does make them very lightweight, so I was able to wear these comfortably for long


It’s just that my expectations from Xiaomi are kind of high, so I think the comfort could

have been improved a little, without needing to make these more expensive.

The sound isolation is also decent, but it’s not that great because of the shape they have.

Coming to the functionality and quality of wireless connection, they do work very well,

you can also use any one of the two earbuds separately which is great, and their pairing

to each other, and to your bluetooth devices also works perfectly without any issues, the

range is also good, and they power on and off when you remove and insert them into the

case, so there’s no compromises in this area even at this very low price point.

A very special feature they have is a game mode which makes their latency very low, and

you can activate that by triple pressing the side buttons.

I did try it with PUBG mobile, and while it’s definitely not the same as using wired earphones,

it does make a significant difference, and for something as casual as mobile gaming,

I don’t mind the small latency that the game mode still has.

It is a big advantage over other wireless earphones that don’t have a low latency

mode, and another cool thing about having it is that even if you use it while watching

movies or videos on YouTube, the mouth of the person speaking is completely in sync

with the earbuds, unlike the normal mode where there is a very small delay, which is the

only mode in most other wireless earphones, so it is a really nice feature to have, and

I didn’t notice any reduction in the quality of sound, so I just have the game mode always

enabled while using them.

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The battery life for the earbuds is 4 hours, and it gets up to a total of 12 hours if you

charge these in the case, and it does deliver to these numbers, so the battery life is really

great on these, and the charging time of 2 hours is also good.

This is a microphone test for the Redmi Earbuds S, and I think the microphone sounds kind

of tinny but, it’s totally acceptable at this price point, and on the calls that I

made with these earphones, the people on the other side were able to hear me clearly.

They also have an IPX4 water resistance rating, which means that they are protected from splashes

of water and sweat, but you can't immerse them in water, but getting IPX4 on these is

still pretty good.

Now finally coming to sound quality, they are pretty good considering their price point

and all the features they have, but you definitely feel like you are using a budget wireless


Xiaomi is known for delivering higher segment quality on a budget, but with these earphones,

you get what you pay for.

The good part is that the mid and high frequency range is pretty good, it doesn’t sound muffled,

and they have a very airy sound which is very easy to listen to for long periods, so I do

enjoy that, but the bass is kind of loose, and it lacks definition, even though it does

extend deep.

The amount of bass is good, but if you have multiple things going on in lower frequency

range, you’re not going to be able to hear that clearly, and it’s going to sound kind

of muddy.

The sound is otherwise pretty balanced.

Even though it doesn’t have a lot of detail, Xiaomi didn’t tune it with overpowering

bass or spiked treble which I really appreciate, and for watching movies, TV Shows, or videos

on YouTube, or for listening to podcasts, they are really great.

But you are definitely going to get a MUCH better sound quality if you go with something

like the Oppo ENCO M31 which I reviewed in the last video which cost 2000 Rs., so if

sound quality is the priority for you, you can go with that, or you can spend 500 to

1000 Rs. more, and get the Blitzwolf BWFYE5 from Banggood, which also have a much better

sound quality, and also have a better design and build.

But being able to get the convenience of True Wireless Earphones, which are comfortable,

and work very well without any serious compromises is something that the Redmi Earbuds S do very


Even if you don’t get them for listening to music, I think for general listening and

for just consuming content on your phone, or on your TV, they are really great, and

no one will regret spending 1800 Rs. on them, because they are totally worth it.

The low latency mode is also not a gimmick, so overall I can give them a very strong recommendation.

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