Where is the Mic on a Macbook Pro?

hi this is Marvin Mackenzie with a very

short video really I think on where to

find the microphone on a MacBook Pro I

have the smaller the 13-inch MacBook Pro

I think the 13-inch MacBook Pro I bought

mine in September of 2014 and so I'm

looking here and all these different I

couldn't find the microphone on it and

so I'm looking at all of these different

pictures of the different models over

the course of time and and you know you

look at it the thing could not see

anything that looked like a microphone

anywhere on it but I did notice that

there are these two holes and I so I

looked through a bunch and looked

through enough pictures to confirm that

on the left side of the keyboard right

next to where you would plug in your

headphones there are these two very tiny

little holes and those are the

microphones for the MacBook Pro at least

my verb my model of it which is a 2014