How To Use External Microphone With Macbook Air

what is going on YouTube hope you are

doing good this is a quick screencast on

making use of external microphone with

your MacBook Air I have done a lot of

research on Google and there are plenty

of articles for MacBook Pro that you can

go into this input and change some

device from some settings from output to

input mode but for MacBook Air there was

none and there's a lot of confusion as

well whether if you can make use of any

external microphone apart from the Apple

earpods or not so yes you can make use

of external microphone and it's a lot

easy to set up and right now you can see

that I'm using MacBook Air with external

microphone which had just one port we

just said a headset icon with it which

pretty much meant that I could never use

it for input but you can actually do

that and to do that what you need to do

is first of all get this splitter which

is right now I'm making use of and if

you're in the end if you are from India

then you can directly purchase the same

product which I'm making use of right

now and you can find a link in the

description if you're from the US or

some other country you can purchase the

similar product I have the link for that

in the description as well and it worked

just fine but this is the product right

now right now I'm making use of I can

even show you that by disconnecting it

and when I disconnected it would shift

to the default internal microphone so

the audio would drop so this is

right here if you see this is the

Splinter I am using right now and this

would be our microphone and you can just

plug in the microphone into this little

slot and the main jack

into the MacBook Air and you would be

good to go so the moment I do this you

can see that sometimes it does not work

and the reason is that you have to

actually put in the speaker one as well

before plugging it in and then if I plug

it out again and plug it in again you

can see that the external microphone is

now detected and it works pretty well so

yeah that is all for this one and you

can find all the links in the

description how to set up external

microphone and the splitter as well