Mexico Riviera vs. Mexican Caribbean


hey everybody hi guys mr. and mrs.

traveler here I come with another

fantastic tip Tuesday this time we had a

question that was so good that we

decided to make it really good tip today

and suppose a lot I'm president yes

right now we're in Sarasota and Marin as

well and we have people watching pan

we're on a boat dock so just look at

when we still beer with yes indeed now

we were we were just walking down here

and with a really nice gentleman I was a

really nice boat and he joint he let us

come on board easy it take a look at

these pictures of this traveler


Oh cousin we love about Florida people

are so friendly we just talk a while

they say hey welcome on board one of the

nice party ever

it's not like a vacation every day we

live down here we love it yeah we do so

anyway this question came from cell

first machine myself - machine I don't

know the person's name exactly but thank

you for the excellent question and he or

she asked the question hey he has

something that might be interesting for

Hot Topic it's so good as the pictures

day okay

which do you prefer the Pacific or

Atlantic side of Mexico and why curious

if I should check out a 7-day Mexican

Riviera hitting combo port of artha or

take a cruise to the other side thanks

for all the great content I don't feel

well yeah yes


all right so that was an excellent

question thank you for your question

we have been on over those cruises yes

yeah oh I think I met this traveler was

what's your opinion on is let me

repetative they both have their own

unique charm and I'm going to say that

what's your favorite event I will add

much they both have they often play

somebody along if you look at a

destination or you look across a sooner

that's two different things

we are closer if one side was way to

hell it's simply a preference me he

enjoyed the Miskin reviewable I was here

I know it's not my Karen severe abuse oh

okay and why the reason why I like the

Caribbean round better is because a

variety and Ireland versus the Mexican

Riviera which is just about Spain so why

do you for the creepiest act well I'm a

trivia side because I just offer a

variety of flavors you get a different

Island every single time it's the island

versus the basically Riviera is pretty

much the same to me okay yeah if I had

if I had to pick if I absolutely had to

pick I would say domestic Riviera one

and here's why I really really enjoyed

it because it went on a long beach and

then it went to court of art it goes to

Cabo and it goes to my Zaman sometimes

they're very different from the

Caribbean side island which some of them

are very similar to other to the

Caribbean islands you know in the field

you know it feels like you're kind of

the Caribbean island with the exception

of can't code

Kant who doesn't have more than many

feel but on the Caribbean side you do

Cancun and sometimes it'll go to the

Costa Maya it'll continue going down

succession of the bullies and Rohit on

which they are they're all very unique

and if you love diving and things like


Belize and wrote on down here we are you

know beautiful for that kind of thing

the Mexican Riviera was so different it

was so new to us

part of our job was absolutely beautiful

and if you haven't seen it it was the

site of when we went on the incursion

and we ran and we wonder will watching

the excursion and we ran into a huge

pile of dolphins you want to watch that

right here it was one of those

breathtaking times I've ever had on a

trip to see all those dolphins and the

whales perhaps it'll be great to then

hobble was absolutely beautiful to see

that famous arch that you seen with so

many movies cause it's a really really

pretty plate I really enjoyed going to

Chicago to see that aren't you do me and

that wouldn't do picturing his show

because the reason why I chose the

Caribbean route because the waters were

calmer on the Caribbean side merciful

yeah all right mr. traveler mater got us

into a kind of a precarious situation

now yes as you can see the boat behind

us all mostly behind the velvet the boat

that we were always way smaller than it

and the waves was over I hate it got on

a water taxi and the short skirts are

the time the paper in the in the cabin

that we got from the cruise mine said do

not think what effect is well you know I

take the water taxi we took it anyway it

was basically a rowboat with the one

engine on the back and as we went out to

go see the famous arch of the swells

were probably 10 B right and back in and

I'm thinking to myself just one bull

usually goes out where is my problem

it was interesting so that's why I chose

the Caribbean and then my salon it was

just our old time time they haven't

really developed it yet and we're

praying so we went

aliens each month and expected on the

other like authentic food when you

visiting the islands make sure you try

to move but the big difference is just

like the difference between the

California beaches and the Florida

beaches you have that flow of water that

comes from the north going to the south

in on the west coast so the water can

see colder is picked on that side of

Mexico so here a big beach person it may

not be immense and water can be look

cooler whereas the other side of the in

Caribbean side water warmer yes


so that was an excellent question thank

you so much for your question yeah my

recommendation do a boat yes always ways

like let's go yeah this is John lightly

Caribbean then given her the reasons why

yes hola that's a me recipe in Vienna

yeah let's take a look there but plays

ah I love Florida so every day is a

vacation I'm telling every day we love

it yeah so again wonderful questions

thank you so much I really I really

appreciate it

you know great great keep them coming in

thank you so much guys and I guess we'll

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