the foot can be divided into the

forefoot the mid-foot and the hind foot

the forefoot bears half your body's

weight and is composed of the phalanges

your five toes and the metatarsals which

are the longer bones they attach to the

phalanges can further be grouped into

three categories the distal phalanges

which are the most distant from the

centre of your body the middle phalanges

and the proximal phalanges note that

your big toe does not have a middle

phalanx bone the big toe is also called

the hallux with only the distal and

proximal phalanx bones the big toe only

has one joint called the interphalangeal

joint since the big toe attaches to the

first metatarsal the joint between the

first metatarsal and the big toe is

called the first metatarsal phalangeal

joint under the distal portion of the

first metatarsal are the sesamoid bones

two small round bones where the ball of

the foot is on to the mid foot the mid

foot consists of five irregularly shaped

tarsal bones these include the three

cuneiforms the medial cuneiform bone the

intermediate cuneiform bone the lateral

cuneiform bone as well as the cuboid

bone and the navicular bone the bones of

the mid foot formed the arch of the foot

and act as shock absorbers these bones

connect to the bones of the forefoot and

hind foot via muscles and a ligament

called the plantar fascia

the hind foot includes the talus or

ankle and the calcaneus the calcaneus is

the heel bone the largest bone in your

foot the calcaneus has a cushy layer of

fat underneath it to soften the impact

of your foot steps the calcaneus bone

connects to the talus at the subtalar

joint also called the tallow calcaneal

joint the top of the talus connects to

the tibia and to the fibula the two long

bones of the lower leg collectively the

bones of the mid and hind foot the talus

calcaneus three cuneiforms cuboid and

navicular bones are called the tarsals

overall the foot and ankle are composed

of 26 bones 14 phalanges five

metatarsals and seven tarsals between

your two feet that's a quarter of the

bones in your body these bones are

connected by 33 joints and are moved by

more than 100 muscles tendons and

ligaments tendons connect muscles to

bones and ligaments connect bones to

bones we'll cover more foot anatomy in

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