The Met Gala True Secrets And History Revealed


the Met Gala has been called the

Superbowl of fashion by Andre Leon

Talley it's a spectacular event where

celebrities art and fashion collide and

it's always the party of the year but

how did it begin and what will be the

fate of this gorgeous web of culture in

couture here's what you may not know

about this high fashion glamour event

how it all started

the Met Gala didn't start out as the

extravagant event we know and love today

back in 1948 fashion publicist Eleanor

Lambert introduced the Met Gala to New

York society

she sold tickets to this intimate

gathering for $50 a piece the intention

was to raise money for the brand new

costume Institute at the Metropolitan

Museum of Art now tickets go for about

$25,000 and tables are snagged by the

fashion elite for up to two hundred and

seventy five thousand dollars each but

even money won't guarantee an invitation

to this soiree the Met Gala is super

exclusive with invitations only going

out to those personally selected by the

editor of Vogue Anna Wintour who is the

chairwoman of the event honorary chair

members are chosen to co-chair with Anna

the very first designers chosen were

Karl Lagerfeld and Gianni Versace in the

90s since then many fashion industry

icons and celebrities have co-chaired

including royalty Caroline princess of

Hanover co-chaired the gala in 2005 and

queen bee Beyonce was a chair member in

2013 in 2019 Rihanna Amal Clooney and

Donatella Versace who is also a sponsor

of the event took their place on the

board now 71 years after the very first

exhibition celebrities fashion icons and

royalties still gather on the first

Monday of May to raise money for the

costume Institute at the Metropolitan

Museum of Art they display the most

spectacularly artistic costumes which

are always the talk of the town Met Gala

over the years when the gala started in

1948 it didn't have a theme in fact the

of a yearly theme wasn't introduced

until much later in 1971 Diana Vreeland

signed on as a special consultant after

leaving her position as editor in chief

at Vogue she introduced the first theme

the world of Balenciaga in 1973 one year

later in 1974 cher stunned everyone with

the first ever naked dress designed by

Bob Mackie this look has since been

reintroduced on many celebs including

Beyonce Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner

Rihanna's dress designed by Guo Pei in


took two years to make the theme was

China through the looking-glass her gold

embellished yellow cape needed an

entourage of men to help her carry the

stunning train across the red carpet in

2018 Ariana Grande's dress designed by

Vera Wang had everyone talking she was

literally wearing the images from the

Sistine Chapel on her flowing gown for

the theme heavenly bodies fashion and

the Catholic imagination in 2019 in

response to the camp theme Lady Gaga

blew everyone's mind with her red carpet

transformation designer Brandon Maxwell

is responsible for this costume

extravaganza as well as Gaga's past epic

Met Gala looks this hot pink dress

turned black ball gown complete with

umbrella turned hot pink dress with a

huge vintage cellphone and campy black

sunglasses turned sparkling black bra

tights and platform boots was perhaps

the most talked-about display in the

history of the Met Gala while it seems

like anything is possible at the Met

Gala there are some very strict rules

everyone must follow while at the event

it doesn't matter if you're Kim

Kardashian or a princess everyone must

follow the rules or else strict rules

the fashion elite no matter how famous

they are have to adhere to some very

strict rules in order to be a part of

the biggest night in fashion every year

one particularly shocking rule came in

2015 when the gala sent out a notice to

all attendees that social media and

selfies were banned the rule stated that

using phones for photography and social

media would not be permitted inside of

the gala of course that didn't stop

Kylie Jenner from snapping a huge

bathroom selfie in 2017 oh well some

rules are made to be broken

one rule even Kylie can't get around is

the age requirement you must be 18 years

old to attend the Met Gala much to

Maddie Ziegler's dismay she was bummed

that she was too young to get into the

event there is also a strict no smoking

rule and no onion breath additionally no

parsley is allowed for fear that a

little green leaf might get stuck in

celebrities teeth ruining the pictures

onion garlic and parsley are strictly

banned from the cocktail hour at the

beginning of the evening and no red wine

Karlie Kloss learned this lesson the

hard way in 2016 when she had to cut her

own gown into a mini dress after a guest

spilled red wine on it and when it comes

to guests mingling there are seating

assignments for all of the tables Anna

Wintour decides where everyone will sit

every detail is planned meticulously the

2020 Met Gala apparently the pandemic

doesn't care about fashion so the

biggest fashion event of the year has

been postponed indefinitely due to the

corona virus in fact the Met has been

completely shut down the 2020 theme was

about time fashion and duration the

curator for the costume Institute at the

Met told the New York Times that fashion

is indelibly connected to time it not

only reflects and represents the spirit

of the times but it also changes and

develops with the times this couldn't

have been a more appropriate theme

considering the times in which we are

currently living with the stay at home

orders across the world it's unclear

when and if the Met Gala will happen in

2020 but it's highly likely that fashion

over time will be influenced by this

major global event what's your favorite

look from the Met Gala over the years

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