LG K30 - How to Access App Drawer & Add Button

what's going on everyone this is Kevin

breeze here and in this video I'm going

to be showing you how to add the app

drawer button to your lgk 30 so that it

looks the same way that it usually looks

on a lot of other Android devices so

you're gonna go over to settings then

you're going to go over to display

you're gonna tap on home screen and then

up top here you're gonna tap on select

home and then you're gonna tap on home

and app drawer so it'll show apps on a

separate screen from the home screen and

there you go

you now have the app 4 button down there

at the bottom so just tap on that and it

shows all of your applications that are

currently installed to your LG K 30 so I

hope you enjoyed this video if you did

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