How To Display The Firefox Menu Bar

hello guys my name is Chris with WebP

education and today I'll be showing you

how to display the menu bar in Mozilla

Firefox sometimes if you install or make

an app between your Mozilla Firefox for

that the menu bar disappears as you can

see the many be supposed to be right up

here so to display it once more just go

to here just next to the title bar where

the title bar should be just click on

this piece right here right click on it

and choose how many but click on many

bars you can see the menu will come back

to your Mozilla Firefox browser I can

also hide it by doing the same things go

right click in up there and click menu

bar again and you can see it disappears

that's how you can display the menu bar

in new Mozilla Firefox browser in case

it disappears or in case you've just

installed you Mozilla Firefox browser

thank you for watching

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