The Melting Pot Experience Video

good evening and welcome to the melting

pot you're about to witness the fondue

effect or as I like to call it that's

exactly what I call it let's get to it

if there's one question that people have

more than any other its what exactly is

fondue it's just cheese and chocolate

right well free hey music that means you

too all right better so this is fondue

as most people know it

notice the fresh strawberry being dipped

into the pot of decadent chocolate

notice how our heart melts a little bit

more with each bite notice how she's my



but there is so much more to fondue you

can get one course of course or you can

get two or three or more feast your eyes

on the all natural breasts of chicken

the mouth-watering filet mignon is a

Pacific white shrimp

hold on which you cook yourself right

here at the table this is also fondue

because what you get is entirely up to

you in fact some people might say it's

fondue you okay that was cheesy Oh which

reminds me the cheese course is

delightful free observe this dashing

family see how they smile see how they

talk not a single text message to be

seen see how the children appear to

actually like one another that's what we

like to call the fondue effect folks so

let's just sit back and let the magic


mmm mm ah Oh Virginia the fact is the

melting pot is an experience I mean sure

it's perfect for special occasions but

more than that it's just a great place

that's been part of your evening to

loosen the tie to melt the stress away

let me put it this way

if this restaurant were a boy meets girl

story it would skip the whole girl isn't

sure if she liked boy but thinks he's

cute but then needs to take a long walk

on the beach to sort out her feelings

and then it would get straight to the

bit about them having 2.5 kids and a dog

but no that made sense it no observe

these women having a ladies night out

now freeze no no I said freeze okay when

it's the freeze time I got it you're

killing me ladies come on all right

continue press salad pots of cheese all

natural breasts of chicken and filet

mignon to die for and obviously

delicious last in the face of temptation

chocolate just one visit will take you

from fondue freshman to fondue fanatic

welcome to the fondue effect