Structures Passing Behind the Medial Malleolus

in this video we're going to look at a

medial aspect of the ankle and foot and

we're going to look at structures from

the deep posterior leg compartment that

pass posterior to the medial malleolus

and they do so in a very organized

fashion and we need to know the sequence

so we're going to show you that in this

diagram so first of all this is a medial

view and so let's label the bones that

we've drawn this is the tibia which is

articulating with the tailless sitting

on top of the calcaneus the tailless

also articulates with navicular which

then articulates with the medial

cuneiform because this is the medial

side this is going to be the first

metatarsal and this is for the big toe

so we have just a proximal phalanx and a

distal phalanx now there are three

tendons that pass behind the medial

malleolus to enter into the foot the

first one the most anterior is going to

be tibialis posterior and so we'll then

if I that as T to the Allis posterior

right next to it we have a muscle that

will enter into the foot traveling to

the other four digits they're just two

through five and this is going to be

flexor digitorum longus we'll identify

that as d next in the sequence is

actually not attendant but an artery

okay that's the posterior tibial artery

followed by to be a nerve and lastly our

final tendon which will travel to the

first digit is flexor pollicis longus or

h so we use this sequence of letters and

there's a little mnemonic that we've

used for a long time it's very sort of

old-fashioned and it says tom dick and

not Harry and that will help you to

remember that sequence of structures