Where Healing Begins: The Mayo Clinic Experience – Preview


for more than a century people have

traveled to Mayo Clinic in search of

hope and healing

they have always found a welcoming place

that offers reassurance and compassion

where architecture art and nature

contribute to the healing experience a

new Mayo Clinic heritage film tells the

story of how the unique Mayo environment

was created and how it evolved as the

clinic grew in size and reach

it reveals historic innovations

developed to provide a smooth journey

for patients as they move through their

appointments the ways that nature is

integrated into the experience the

moments that provide a smile on a

difficult day and how every Mayo

employee contributes to creating a sense

of warmth and care in a place where the

needs of the patient come first where

healing begins the Mayo Clinic

experience this film is made possible

with a leadership gift from John T and

Lillian G Mathews founding benefactors

of Mayo Clinic heritage hall with

generous support from Steven E Brown and

Anne M Huber