Mayo Clinic in Arizona Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary


Mayo Clinic has made significant lasting

contributions to the science of healing

for more than 150 years with Mayo

brothers dr. will and dr. Charlie in the

1900s and father William male dating

back to the Civil War to invest in a

future with the needs of the patients at

the center of care the dream for

something bigger was on the horizon a

dream to create premier destinations for

medical care in Minnesota the southeast

and the southwest with each location

honoring an integrated mission while

creating a national presence and global

impact Arizona has been on the map for a

number of years in the 1930s the Mayo

brothers established a winter home in

Tucson which was appealing for the mild

climate growing population and evolving

educational and medical community the

mid in late 1980 or a robust time of

growth for Mayo Clinic in 1986 in

Minnesota male clerk Rochester st.

Mary's Hospital and Rochester Methodist

Hospital were integrated and Mayo Clinic

opened its doors in Jacksonville Florida

the next year On June 29 1987 Mayo

Clinic officially established itself in

the southwest by opening the clinic in

Scottsdale Arizona although it was the

middle of the hot dry desert summer over

1,800 appointments were already

scheduled complemented by 42 practicing

physicians 220 support staff and 120

exam rooms over the next few years the

clinic grew thoughtfully and

strategically the three shields of

patient care research and education were

vital to the ongoing success and at the

very core of each decision in 1990 as

more patients continue to seek out care

in the southwest construction of a

hundred and forty six thousand square

foot addition

to the clinic building began three years

ahead of schedule the expansion brought

120 more exam rooms four times the

laboratory space and double the

diagnostic radiation capabilities in

1992 a transitional year residency

program began and in 1993 the Samuel C

Johnson medical research building opened

with increased dedication to becoming a

destination for unsurpassed care the

need came again for increased surgical

and clinical care space in 1995 the mail

click Board of Trustees approved the

construction of a hospital a monumental

step and the first ever in the nation to

be designed exclusively by the

physicians and employees of Mayo Clinic

ultimately 200 acres of desert lands

were purchased north and west of the

clinic building and Phoenix 1996 saw the

groundbreaking ceremony for the new

hospital as well as an additional

expansion Scottsdale to accommodate

increased volumes when the time came to

celebrate the 10 year anniversary of

Mayo Clinic in Arizona

more than 335 thousand patients had

visited the clinic and 190 physicians

and 1500 allied health staff were

employed the next year in 1998 Mayo

Clinic Hospital opened its doors and

Phoenix into the early 2000s Mayo Clinic

in Arizona celebrated many successes

including liver transplants the

establishment of an international center

for patients and was honored when

fortune 500 name Mayo Clinic is one of

the top best companies to work for in

America in 2005 the Mayo Clinic

collaborative research building opened

on the Scottsdale campus and in 2006 the

specialty building on the Phoenix campus

welcomed its first patient the Mayo

brothers whose wisdom continued to fill

the halls and walls today always Express

the desire to share their knowledge this

led to Mayo Clinic in Arizona beginning

a research collaboration with Arizona

State University a pediatric bone marrow

transplant program with Phoenix

Children's Hospital and began offering

advanced cancer treatment services and

through the Mayo Clinic care network

more people than ever before are

benefitting from Mayo Clinic expertise

with rapid growth and transplant patient

services the village at Mayo Clinic

opened in 2009 an important tool to

education the Mayo Clinic

multidisciplinary simulation center

opened in 2010 that same year Mayo

Clinic in Arizona became the first

Hospital in the country to discharge a

patient with an artificial heart since

the 25th anniversary in 2012 approval

construction and the opening came for

the two hundred thirteen thousand

square-foot clinical space which would

eventually become the Mayo Clinic in

Phoenix this beautiful building houses

an integrated Cancer Center and

state-of-the-art proton beam therapy

program that treats infants through

adults construction on a human stem cell

and regenerative medicine research

laboratory on the Phoenix campus also

began as well as a molecular diagnostics

laboratory a precision neural

therapeutics laboratory and the opening

of the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine in

Arizona by 2017 the 30th anniversary of

Mayo Clinic in Arizona the practice

continues to focus on key areas such as

cancer cardiovascular services

neurosciences and transplant

with a diverse workforce of 6,500

employees more than a hundred thousand

patients are cared for each year in

Arizona alone including 30,000 cancer

patients but Mayo Clinic in Arizona

knows the importance of belonging to

something greater is an enterprise

organization there may be many doors but

there's just one male clinic a team of

dedicated staff making countless

contributions to medicine each and every

day in this desert we came together to

create a community and a family a place

of healing discovery and learning as we

look to the future our values and our

commitment to patients and the future of

Medicine will continue to guide and

inspire all that we do