What Is Augusta National REALLY Like? | The Masters 2019 | Golfing World

well I still can't quite believe it

myself I am here at Augusta National

my very first Masters Tournament I've

set myself to challenge to share with

you the golfing world viewers exactly

what a perfect day at the Masters does

look like so with the clock ticking and

the sun shining let's get cracking

any golf fan that makes the pilgrimage

here to Augusta is sure to head straight

to Amen Corner and Here I am standing in

front of the 12 tee with the 11th green

to my left and the 13th

running down the side and the beauty and

magnitude of this place is very very

difficult to put into words the

perfection of the grass the color of the

azaleas behind the 12th green everything

feels amplified part of the Augusta

allure is certainly the history that has

played out here and it's impossible not

to see that history almost personality

in these halls playing out in front of

my very eyes the chip in from Mize on

eleven balls in the water from jordan

Spieth good and bad we are standing

right in the heart of history

one of the things that has surprised me

the most being here at the Masters is

that it feels almost like we've come

back in time and that includes the

pricing structure on the concession menu

you can get everything on this menu for

five dollars or less the pimento cheese

sandwich of course is one of the most

famous things and I'm wanting to try one

for myself

yes kmu one of these please today Thanks

thank you so much

thank you very much I knew thanks so

much well this is the moment of truth

my first pimento cheese sandwich at the

Masters crack into this


it's not too bad

one of the best things about being at

the Masters is bumping into people from

all over the world like this group here

in exceptional outfit guys you having a

good time



dotted around the course are these boxes

with the start times and pairing sheets

inside the reason these are so important

is because phones are completely banned

here Augusta National as an avid golf

fan myself I didn't realize this and it

does change the atmosphere here so the

patrons have to rely on these start

times and the scoreboards to know who's

in the race for the green jacket aside

from the golf course itself Augusta

National is a magnificent place to walk

around the Nature the colors it really

is incredible and there's not a pine

needle out of place


you will have heard about the elevations

and undulations here at the Masters but

it's not until you stand here in real

life that you get the true understanding

of just how vast they are this big hill

on the 18th

I never appreciated watching a TV just

quite how steep it is and of course this

giant fairway bunker here on the left

ready to catch any wayward tee shots as

a Scots women myself I can't help but

think of Sandy Lyle shot an 88 that

7-iron flushed out the bunker to help

him win the Masters one of the most

aesthetically impressive amphitheaters

in golf this is where you want to be on

Wednesday of masters week the par-3

tournament founded in 1960 this is where

the players bring their families dying

their friends and they're having a great

time everyone else is enjoying it just

as much and the atmosphere is electric

one thing you should know is that no

player has ever won the par-3 tournament

and then gone on to claim the green

jacket one of the really cool things I'm

noticing here at the Masters is

everyone's walking around with these

tears on their shoulder and there's an

understanding here that if you place

your chair in a position you can pick

any spot you want no one will touch it

so I've decided to put mine on the first


well what a day it has been absolutely

fantastic and there's no better way to

cap it off than a trick to the golf shop

let's be honest you cannot come to the

Masters without visiting at least once

there are people flooding in so wish me