WHERE IS THE MASKED STRANGER? // SEA OF THIEVES - I wonder where Wanda went?

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hey you beautiful Buccaneers Falkor here

so with everything going on in a sea of

thieves at the moment it's easy to get

yourself totally lost in direction with

a story but there are some things that

have gone unnoticed in my last

speculation video I put forth the idea

the servant of flame is in fact a flame

heart jr. I came to this conclusion

pretty much around the time of the ships

of fortune update as everything was

pointing towards this but out of respect

to the developers I led you all down a

different path

that said though this is still all

speculation at this point until we

actually get word from the developers

the clues were pretty obvious if you've

read the tales from the sea of thieves

book play Mart junior was turned into a

skeleton by drinking from a mysterious

chalice and Wanda had been searching for

a chalice and even used the chalice

symbol as the Reapers bones sigil on top

of that the stone tablets around the

center of Reapers hideout reads chalice

in skeletal script and pirates for all

eternity which was an entry made in

flame our juniors journal couple this

for the fact that the highest tier

figurehead for the Reapers bones is the

servant of flame revealing himself as a

skeleton holding a chalice and the fact

the high debt itself is constructed from

a battle worn ship possibly the silver

blade and you've got yourself a

scooby-doo clue I have noticed a few

people mentioned that the ship here as

the killer whale Marik's old ship and

although the mast of the ship was used

in a hideouts initial construction the

killer whale is still very present lying

beneath the island the servant of flame

also loves to flex with his large sword

and this also points to another clue as

his father made sure that junior was

well studied in sword combat maybe he

should have taught him about sailing

first but here's the thing if this is

indeed flame heart Junior then why does

he graciously it set the loot gained

from his father's defeat surely his dad

would be somewhat confused that not only

his son accepts the loot from his fallen

vessels but also his son sends vessels

from his fate

to defeat his father although Reapers


somewhat evil faction they're certainly

not hell-bent on world domination like

flame heart senior flame heart senior

just wants to watch the world burn

pirates and skeletons are like he seeks

nothing more than the conquest of the

sea of thieves and what use would that

be to the Reapers bones

he cannot be a pirate if there's no

sailors to pirate from furthermore why

would flame heart senior need a pirate

faction when he can merely pluck vessels

from the sea of the Damned to do his


I mean sure vessels that get spanked on

a daily basis to get those shiny new

sails but but do you see my point

although flame heart jr. was cursed and

became a skeleton his thirst for being a

pirate manifested differently to his

father his father as always being on the

axis of evil even before manifesting to

what he has become whereas his son's

driving force was always about the

fantastical stories told to him as a


juniors driving forces always been

exploration discovery and pirating he

looked up to his father because his

father only told him the grand stories

of his adventures and never about his

darkness that lay within so if junior

wasn't in fact to learn of his father's

true intentions he would not really be

very pleased about it the servant of

flame merely popped up out of nowhere

from our perspective but it's becoming

evidence he's been here for quite some

time behind the scenes and learning of

what's going on in the world if he is in

fact flame our junior the last we heard

of him was talking with the skeleton

Lord only known as the captain now if

the captain was in fact an entirely

different entity and wasn't actually

Junie as dad like I speculated that

would mean that the captain had a hatred

for flame heart senior because it was

senior that marooned him on the island

where flame heart junior found him so if

this is the case he would have taught

junior everything he knew about his

father and molded him to fight against

him so that would mean if the servant

the flame is flame heart Junior his

agenda is to fight against his father

and it's entirely likely his father does

not even know it is him

by the way devs please in the future

name your protagonist something

different all this captain junior senior

to flame out stuff is giving even me a

headache however let's just theorize

that I was right and the captain was in

fact flame heart senior all along that

would mean that if the servant of flame

is flame our junior his dad would have

had to manipulate a son to his way of

thinking how would he do that in the

heart of fire flame out senior is

starting a ritual stitch a Jim thinks is

to summon an ashen Lord his meddling

ruined this ritual and instead he cursed

himself whilst we see this happening we

see wonder aka the masked stranger

watching what is occurring and then

walks away and that is the last we ever

saw of her the masked stranger also

meddled with curses and life to create

these abominations more importantly she

found a way to splice a parrot and a

monkey together which means she was

experimenting with splicing life and

souls could it be possible that when

flame heart senior promised that Wanda

could become his queen he meant it in a

literal sense what better way would

there be to keep an unruly son in check

by having one of his own minions share

his body maybe this was the true ritual

that would certainly explain why the

servant of flame has both a male and

female voice and why wonder is nowhere

to be seen but rare please don't make

them have a baby I don't want another

flame art making things even more