Martin Luther King Memorial ~ Washington DC

a young boy growing up in a time of

segregation a devout Baptist minister

who sought to turn the other cheek a

dreamer moved by destiny into leadership

of the modern civil rights movement this

was Martin Luther King jr. dr. King

combated segregation and racism still

prevalent in America in the mid 20th

century insisting always on nonviolent

methods to achieve his goals he soon

became a national icon of progressive

American ideals in Washington DC on the

National Mall the Martin Luther King jr.

memorial is a fitting tribute to dr.

King's leadership in the civil rights


dr. king's drive to move America toward

the ideals of freedom and equality

culminated in the 1963 march on

Washington from the steps of the Lincoln

Memorial dr. King imagined an end to

racial inequality in his I have a dream

speech a speech held as one of the

greatest pieces of American oratory ever

to be spoken I have a dream he said that

my four little children will one day

live in a nation where they will not be

judged by the color of their skin but by

the content of their character heavily

influenced by Abraham Lincoln's

Emancipation Proclamation and Thomas

Jefferson's declaration that all men

were created equal Martin Luther King

jr. gave the nation a vision for

unparalleled liberty and equality the

design of the monument is taken from dr.

King's very words out of the mountain of

despair a stone of hope to visit this

monument means to literally pass through

the mountain of despair on the way to

the storm of Hope where Martin Luther

King jr. stands as a beacon nearby

excerpts from his sermons and speeches

are featured on the 450 foot inscription


at the Martin Luther King jr. National

Historic Site in Atlanta Georgia you can

visit the home of his birth and where he

played as a child you can walk in his

footsteps and hear his voice in the

church where he moved hearts and minds

you can marvel at how he was an

instrument for social change and you can

visit the tomb where this great man was

laid to rest on April 4th 1968 Martin

Luther King jr. was assassinated

but his immortal words

have carried long