Circulatory System | Arteries & Veins of the Upper Limb | Vascular Arm Model

I ninja nerds in this video we're gonna

talk about the vascular arm we're gonna

cover both the arteries and the veins in

this model now just a little bit of

orientation this is going to be our left

arm right here okay so left humerus left

radius ulna left hand right so what

we're gonna do is we're gonna start with

the arteries we're gonna take it from

the axillary artery all the way down

then what we're gonna do is we're gonna

come back up with the veins alright so

let's go ahead and get started here all

right so let's go ahead and start here

I'm just gonna kind of touch these

instead of using the pointer because

it's gonna be easier to move these

vessels around alright so first thing

here we have the axillary artery okay so

that's the axillary artery then the next

one that we're gonna have here I'm gonna

take this off here so we can see a

little bit better but I'm gonna have

this right here this guy right there is

called the anterior humeral circumflex

artery okay so that's the anterior

humeral circumflex the posterior humeral

circumflex I'm just gonna kind of rotate

this around a little bit here and

there's gonna be that part there and

that's called the posterior humeral

circumflex artery all right so now we're

gonna come down the axillary artery here

so if we come down ACK sorry alright

it's gonna feed into this guy right here

which is our brachial artery so all the

way down here number three this is our

brachial artery now the brachial artery

is gonna give off some little minor

branches so if you remember from our

video that we did on the wire man we

have here this first one this guy right

here is called the deep brachial artery

in case you have the deep brachial then

after that you go to the next one number

five and this guy right there is gonna

be the superior on our collateral okay

come down another one number six that's

called the inferior on our collateral

artery so we have axillary anterior

posterior circumflex humeral brachial

deep brachial superhero ulnar collateral

in fear on our collateral okay now we're

gonna continue our way down I'm gonna

kind of pull this up here and what

happens is the brachial artery comes

down to around the antecubital region

and splits into two big vessels one

vessel is gonna go down the thumb side

so that's this guy right here this is

called the raid yard he goes all the way

down to the hand okay so this is the

radial artery the other one is going to

split and go down towards the pinky side

that's gonna be this one right here and

this is called the ulnar artery

okay so radial and ulnar now off of that

you start going to see that there's a

little branch off of the own arm right

here this guy right here number 40 is

going to be called the common

interosseous artery so this one right

here that I'm fondling around there all

right then the comments are osseous

artery if we come down here a little bit

more I'm gonna peel this back here it's

gonna split into two vessels one is

going to go posterior so it's this one

that I'm gonna pull out here this one

right there and I'm kind of pushing out

like this this is called the posterior

interosseous artery the other one that

I'm pushing out actually number 10 is

the anterior interosseous artery so the

common interosseous splits into the

posterior and the anterior interosseous

artery okay now after that we keep going

down so I'm gonna pull this off here so

we can peel this back here's our Omar

there's our radial if you remember we

said that they kind of feed down here

and give way into some of these arches

so now what are some of these arches

that we have here you have two arches

the first one is if we come down here we

have number 13 here and that's going to

be this one right here then I'm gonna

pull back on and that is called the

superficial palmar arch so number 13

here that I'm pulling on is the

superficial palmar arch underneath that

I'm gonna pull on this one it's deep to

that so this is called the deep palmar

arch so two vessels thirteen superficial

palmar arch 12 deep palmar arch okay now

that is going to cover those but if we

come off over here remember here we had

the superficial Paul March there's some

branches that are gonna come off of that

right here and this is gonna be called

the common palmar digital arteries okay

then if we come up off the common palmar

to Girardi's going to the digits

this artery right here for example and

this one right there that's called the

proper palmar digital arteries okay that

covers that all right so again so we

were looking at the palmar side down

here now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna

flip this guy over and if we flip it

over now we're gonna be able to see the

dorsum of the hand down here now there

is a reason why we should see this

because there's going to be two

important vessels that we want to take a

look at here this one right here that

I'm kind of tugging on right there

this guy is actually gonna be called the

dorsal carpal arch because here the

dorsal carpal arch right there the

dorsal carpal arch will then go into

another structure and that's gonna be

this guy right here

okay in between the metacarpal bones

that is called the dorsal metacarpal

arteries so yeah the dorsal carpal arch

and the dorsal metacarpal arteries which

will actually form an anastomosis with

the proper palmar digital arteries okay

to supply the digits all right so that

covers the arteries of the vascular arm

alright so now we're going to come cover

some of the veins of the actual vascular

arm we're gonna work our way up but I

want you to realize if you guys have

already seen our video on the wire man

it's gonna be a lot easier to see some

of these vessels it's gonna be harder to

see them here so I'm just gonna ask you

guys to just trust me for that okay so

if you come here we're gonna start here

the digits this is the palmar side of

the hand so this is the palmar digital

veins now what happens is you do have an

arch here it's pretty hard to see right

here but it is called the palmar venous

arch okay so you do have a palmar venous

arch right here and that one's important

because that one was fed if you guys

remember by the wire man by the radial

and the omar vein there's another arch

on the dorsum of the hand which is

pretty hard to see but let me go ahead

and try to flip this guy over here if I

do that you can see here that we have

the dorsal digital veins the dorsal

metacarpal veins and there's a Archer

that's like I said it's really hard to

see here but it's supposed to be

connecting the cephalic and the basilic

vein together okay but again it's not

going to be easily

on this model alright so now what I'm

gonna do is I'm gonna flip it back over

into the normal position here let's go

ahead and work our way up continuously

so we had the Palmer digital veins I

wanted you guys to say that there was a

Palmer venous arch now here's where it

gets important I'm gonna pull out here

on the most outer of vessels here if you

see I'm pulling on number 17

this guy's coming all the way down here

to that dorsal venous arch and it's on

the actual on our side

so therefore this vein right here has to

be the basilic vein okay so that's the

basilic vein the other vein is coming

down here towards the dorsal venous arch

also and it's on the thumb side the

radius site so this vein right here has

to be the cephalic vein so we have two

important veins 17 is the basilic and

this one right here where I'm pulling on

my right hand is going to be the

cephalic vein now there's a vein that

runs in between them which is right here

number 16 number 16 is that has two

names you can either call it the median

vein or because it runs in the

antebrachial region you can call this

one the median antebrachial vein okay so

so far we have three important veins

cephalic basilic meeting antebrachial

now as we come up via the basilic and

the cephalic we're going to run into

this little antecubital region right

here so as we get into this antecubital

region right here remember we said that

we had this vessel here let me kind of

pull this out here this one right here

was the basilic vein and this one over

here was the cephalic vein

okay well the cephalic vein in the

basilic vein they run up through the

antebrachial region and there's a little

accessory vein right here you see number

21 this right here is called the

accessory cephalic vein here's the

basilic here's the accessory cephalic

which feeds into the cephalic vein again

okay now here's where it's cool the

basilic vein and the cephalic vein form

an anastomosis with

one another okay so if you can kind of

follow here here's the basilic vein and

then here's an anastomosis and this part

ripped off but it should be connecting

that part to the cephalic vein so it

kind of forms like a nice little V okay

that right there that I'm showing you

with the V it's called the median

antecubital vein commonly use this vein

for you know Vinnie punctures when

they're taking blood but again vasilek

cephalic the anastomosis that's

connecting the two is the median

antecubital thing okay now you what

happens is there's veins again over here

if you look right here I'm kind of

running my fingernail around that that

right there is called the radial vein

this one right there right next to it to

rid of the radial artery same thing over


this is the ulnar artery so this vein

that's running right here is going to be

called the Olin our vein

okay so ulnar artery on our vein same

thing over here radial artery radial

vein alright now what happens is the

radial vein and the old our vein come up

and when they come together they are in

a fuse and they're gonna form this vein

right here this vein right here which

they're shown by number 22 running up

through here is called the brachial vein

okay so this is called the brachial vein

what happens is the basilic vein you're

gonna see by 17 running up here going up

here this is still the basilic vein the

basilic vein should empty into what's

called the brachial vein so if you

follow this up here

here's your basilic vein they're taking

a piece of this vein right here that I'm

going to pull up on right there that's

called the brachial vein the basilic

vein should empty into the brachial vein

and then the brachial vein feeds into

this next one here which is called the

accelerating so you have to remember

that so you have to remember this if we

come up here 17 that's the basilic vein

it's going to come up come up come up

and it's going to empty into this vein

right here which is called the

vain so the basilic green empties into

the brachial vein the brachial vein will

then empty into this vein right here

number 18 which is called the axillary

vein now that's different from the

cephalic vein because this right here

that I'm pulling on is the cephalic vein

if you remember there was the accessory

cephalic and then the cephalic comes all

the way up here and dumps directly into

the axillary vein alright so that covers

the veins of the vascular arm EIN

engineer so in this video we covered the

arteries and the veins of the vascular

arm I really hope it helped I hope it

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