A Magical Magic Kingdom Day! | Walt Disney World | New Castle, Super Low Crowds, & COVID-19 Changes!



friends we're here back at the magic


i it was really good it does feel really

good it feels exceptionally good because

there's no one here it's really good to

be back and we're gonna have a lot of

fun today and uh today's our last day

maybe the best for last best for last

yeah so we hope you'll come along and

join us we have lots of fun today

let's go

i'm confused though are we at magic

kingdom in walt disney world or did we

go back to disneyland because this is

what it looked like

when we walked down the streets of

disneyland i've never had this much room

to walk

on main street us i mean this is

fantastic look we're over here

we're over there there's no one we can

do whatever we want

it it's really i feel like i feel like

magic kingdom already is less crowded

than hollywood studios yesterday

yeah this is fantastic i'm so happy

we're here yes it feels good

it feels great feast your eyes on the

newly painted

cinderella castle wow this is our first


it is our first look and it is gorgeous

i really like it i know a lot of people

are like crazy fans of it because they

don't like the pink but

i think it pops the blue really pops the

gold pops

and you know what the whole thing all

together really pops because when we

were coming on the ferry boat and we

were across seven seas lagoon

man this just stood out so much more

than it used to you it didn't like

fade into the clouds in the sky yeah you

could see it very you could

see it really well i mean all the stuff

they've done with the turrets on the

side and

everything man this is just quite lovely

it looks fresh it's like you said it

looks more regal now it literally

looks like a fantasy castle yes

i'm a fan big fan i mean

just look at this we didn't get here at

rope drop not even close

we decided to sleep in have a casual

morning get off to a slow start

so it's past noon

when have you seen the magic kingdom

like this

and i mean with obvious reason and then

not desirable reason

but wow let's make the most of it huh

this is great

so far this is like the best magic

kingdom trip ever best

day ever


having a good day buddy swimming around

in the sunshine yeah i know what'd you


yeah can you repeat that you like you're

not being busy

it's like he's laughing he's laughing

he's having a good time

and the good news just rolls on the old

christmas shop is

open today we got skunked on this

christmas store at hollywood studios


but the one here in magic kingdom is

open so you can

bet your bottom dollar will be going in

there later well they'll we'll go in

once it starts raining

yeah because that most assuredly will

happen at some point


hey what's going on up there


so in case you didn't know they're

that's kind of like how they're doing

character meet and greets right now

like so we can be distant like whether

it's like the characters like up high or

far away or like doing those kinds of


very quick like uh parade

floats floats yeah like that just kind

of go quickly by so it's not like a big

crowd like

staying and watching it so yeah that's

what that's how you can see the

characters right now

bingo mango yeah now our first ride of

the day

it is very hot i say we get wet posted

wait time of 10 minutes

let's see how accurate that is

we're in the boat we're in our boat this

um in case you didn't know they're going

to be changing flash mountain in the

future both here and disneyland

to a princess in the bronx inspired ride

so this might be

our last time riding this iteration yeah

we're very much looking forward to the

princess and the frog version though

yeah that'll be very cool you have to

change have a brighter future

even though it's not bright right now

it's dark but now it's crazy because

it's the future

here it comes



hello magic kingdom



hey you guys got wet too welcome to our

3d experiment folks



well our plan was to try to do the

outdoor rides

before the weather got here so check on

splash mountain that was fun

right thunder mountain's been closed

like all day

yeah it's not under refurbishment but

it's just

ah something's not working right now

maybe not having enough issues today

we'll have to move on on our way to our

next outdoor attraction which would be

seven worst mine train but

passing by the honda mansion might as

well go ahead and do it why not right

stop in for a ghostly good time

ooh special extended queue

hanan mansion so i keep everyone's

social distance from physical distance i

guess that's a new phrase

yeah we never get to come down here this

is so cool right by the water

will there be pre-show shenanigans

stretching rooms and such i rather doubt


and the doors are open stanchion

set up in the foyer

no standing around everything's

stanchioned off social distance our

physical distance markers

and we head right into the stretching

room but you don't do this part of the

queue because it's too close

winding back and forth so you just get

right on the duke buggies back there


whatever you towns give us a hint

by ringing the bell


hey who does this guy think he is

the line for seven doors mine train is

extended obviously every line is spaced

out so it's gonna be longer than normal


all the way around and back here

it's a mad tea party so we're just gonna

go to mad tea party yeah it's fun

okay i typically hold the camera on this

ride because matt's strong enough to


really fast


oh my gosh it's already getting to me

but don't stop keep it going

oh my gosh i get really spin dizzy if i

drop the camera that's one

unfortunately one of our absolute

favorite rides the people over

not operating at this time i don't think

it's been open since

yeah um think it's been down but it'll

be back one day

look at all the room you have to dance

around as much as you want

how's your foot work not

good lunch time lunch time whoa and

lunch impeccable timing

precipitation is coming from this cloud

right now


monster the whale where is he

hey do you guys remember when we went in

his mouth at disneyland

that was fun it's pinocchio's village

house yeah

there are upstairs where we usually sit

it's not available

but we got the great view

right through here the happiest cruise

that ever sailed i think we just beat

the rain

yeah so it's starting to drizzle also by

the way um

and basically wherever you eat expect to

have a mobile order

before you can even go in before you can

even go inside we try to go inside

at um at cosmic rays earlier just to sit

down in the pool

and we have to have a mobile order to go

in we're trying to do like touchless

contact less painless so so just expect

to do that so definitely like download


um the disney app and stuff before if

you're coming you got chicken nuggets

yeah what else is new i got pizza what



so because there was a rainstorm and it

did rain pretty heavily

all the outdoor attractions temporarily

closed but

we realized they're about to reopen

because we saw them running an empty

mine train as a test

so we hopped in the line and sure enough

what a minute later

it started moving and we're here at the

barrels that are usually interactive and

spinning but

of course not available right now and

this is the first time we have stopped

in this line

for your safety don't touch the gym keep

off that was five minutes maybe

this is a ridiculously tight squeeze i

have plenty of room

good for you



oh boy here we go



she gets a cottage i would rather have

the cottage

than the castle i didn't know you could

do this we're like rocking the

barrel it's hard to do

you're timing right


look out for the apples you were just

commenting on how you like

seven doors mine train coaster because

you think it's the smoothest in the park

it is currently but

looking beyond it's marlin speedway

is that a roller coaster i see

the tron coaster coming right along

now let's get back into tomorrowland

i'm very excited because the thing that

i have been missing

the most i think during this uh this

lockdown and when disney was shut down

is carousel progress and it always puts

you in a good mood it always makes you

feel good

and uh it's a very optimistic

attraction yeah i think we all need

right now

he introduced the show at the world's

fair in new york city in 1964

and it was an immediate smash hit


isn't it a pleasant holiday

yo grandma just gave us a great idea

laser cannons


let's head over to buzz lightyear space

ranger spin and use our

laser cannons whoa you'll be the


you'll be the resident flying ace now oh

i won't be you will be i definitely

won't be this is my worst shooting game

star command headquarters buzz lightyear

space ranger spin

my take on how to improve this ride is

to not have manuals spinning

because whoever does that is going to

benefit themselves but not the other


yeah they should just point you in the

direction you need to be here that's for

sure my downfall also i wish we could

get with disneyland

and like not be connected yeah

whoa because matt didn't play he just

he just told me where to shoot the whole

time he coached me through it

you cleaned up

looks like we're going omega oh by the

way no stop

here we go ooh my

shoes are all blacklight

back in the blue tunnel it's been too


apparently we are cleared for takeoff

oh man

put your hands in the air pink tunnel

and that was fun

back to tomorrow oh i missed the moving


do you mind if i interview you real

quick it'll only take two seconds

sir what are your thoughts

crowd update what crowd

this is pretty much how it's been all

day room to breathe

room to move it is time

this is not christmas in the slightest

not just christmas hanukkah as well it's

the holiday store

yeah i like it so after being shut down

all day for reasons unknown

big thunder mountain railroad is now up

and operating




here we go

what in the sam hill

a spooky shroud emerges from that cabin

that's where the real harm is what is




and as we are 15 minutes from park


this is what it looks like at the


to go to thunder mountain and splash


back to the rest of frontierland to

liberty square and then this way into


it's awesome though because you get to

come have fun but you feel safe too

i really felt so good here today like

all day

um like yesterday at hollywood studios

it was like kind of crazy and

busy in the morning i think because i

rise but here

at least today i mean experiences may

change from day to day but as of today

i felt 100 comfortable everyone was

following the rules

and there was not a lot of people here i

think the longest we waited all day was

15 minutes for a ride for thunder that

we just did yeah


all right friends that's gonna do it for


and this trip for this trip yeah but

i mean what a way to end oh yeah it

couldn't be today

it was hot really hot at first and then

the rain came while we were eating so we

didn't get wet

and then it's just been nice and cool

ever since then and

i mean it's been so not busy all day it


um it just felt so good i mean it felt


and um felt very comfortable but it was

just also

really enjoyable i mean the lines were

short everyone was in a great mood

all the cast members are happy and

welcoming and

it's just so it feels good to be back i

think with this whole

situation that we're in right now

there's some like high days there's some

low days or some days we feel

maybe a little bit negative there's some

days that we feel more positive and

today was definitely a very

positive happy day and i'm just i'm very

grateful we were able to be here today

absolutely you couldn't find a better

day and a better way to end this little

trip down

so if you guys missed any of it be sure

to go back and check out the other

videos we went to universal studios and

islands of adventure on the first day

we went to volcano bay on the second day

yesterday we were at hollywood studios

and now ending here of course

and magic kingdom and in the middle of

that all of that we were staying at

cabana bay

beach resort over at universal we had a

new room tour for you over there as well

so be sure to check that out we hope you

guys have enjoyed this little trip with

us we've had a great time down here

and as always hey if you're interested

in coming to orlando going to universal

orlando or here at walt disney world

resort ask travel agents we can make

that happen for you

our services are always complimentary so

feel free to reach out via that travel

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at the end of this video but for now

we're going to sign off we'll tell you

have a great big beautiful day and we'll

see you next time

happy travels