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bucket list number 10 Malagasy time

anyone who's ever taken a trip to the

Caribbean or Southeast Asia is likely

well-versed in the concept of island

time well in Madagascar it's referred to

as Malagasy time and it's not just a

saying it's a way of life

essentially Malagasy time means that

things run a little slower on the

Earth's fourth largest island

hury is not a part of the local lexicon

and people tend to be more laid-back in

their day-to-day dealings a trip to

Madagascar means you'll get to

experience this delightful cultural

phenomenon firsthand number 9 flora for

most people knowledge of Madagascar's

flora begins and ends with the

world-famous baobab trees the country's

magnificent natural skyscrapers that

tower over the landscape however the

country is home to more than 12,000

plant species making it one of the most

biodiverse places on the planet it's

been estimated that 96% of Madagascan

trees and shrubs are endemic this means

that many of the plants found on

Madagascar cannot be found anywhere else

on earth entire plant families are

endemic to the island making it a

uniquely diverse place of natural beauty

that you need to see to believe

number 8 fauna similar to its flora

Madagascar's wide array of Wildlife

consists primarily of endemic species

both can be attributed to the fact that

the landmass has been isolated from its

continental neighbours for roughly 70

million years popular species of animals

that are native to Madagascar include

the fossa the Malagasy giant rat lemurs

and literally hundreds of species of

birds reptiles amphibians and freshwater

fish lemurs have become synonymous with

the country and a trip to Madagascar

isn't complete without visiting lemurs

park in the city of Antananarivo

in fact all 100 species of lemur are

endemic to madagascar perhaps that's why

they had such a large role in the

feature film series of the same name

number 7 food Malagasy cuisine is the

byproduct of its French colonial history

geography trade and migration these four

pillars have shaped the country's

diverse culinary scene which will both

shock and delight your taste buds

popular staples include zebu meats made

from the distinctive cows that dot

Madagascar's landscape which is often

served in stews or grilled on a skewer

and Roma Sava a braised meat dish

typical with tomatoes mixed greens

garlic and ginger you'll find plenty of

spices coconut rice cassava and beans

peppered throughout Malagasy cuisine

making for a national culinary culture

that's diverse and oh so tasty and for

those of you hoping to snap the perfect

insta pic of your meal

don't worry Malagasy dishes are as

visually vibrant as they are delicious

number six it's an adventure getaway if

you're making the journey all the way to

Madagascar you really want to make the

most of your time there and in

Madagascar that means exploring its

natural wonders adventure holidays are

becoming increasingly popular and to

keep up madagascar now offers multiple

tour options for adrenaline junkies

looking to get off the beaten path from

trekking and rafting expeditions through

the perronnette Nature Reserve to a 14

day off-roading tour that takes you deep

into the heart of the country's diverse

landscape Madagascar has no shortage of

options for your adventure holiday with

so many endemic species of flora and

fauna getting up close and personal with

them should be on everyone's Madagascar

bucket list number five Malagasy culture

years of trade and migration with its

East African Arab and Southeast Asian

neighbors as well as decades of French

colonial rule have diversified Malagasy

culture making it unique yet strangely

familiar in some regards while the major

cities have seen a shift towards more

western-style food and clothing in

recent years tradition is alive and well

in the rural areas

still you'll find men and women wearing

Lambos a wrap worn around the waist

eating Roma Sava and playing the valley

ha throughout the country sport remains

an important part of everyday life in

the country as well with meringue II a

form of hand-to-hand combat and the

boardgame fan aronia both being

immensely popular number four it's

affordable Madagascar is slowly becoming

more accessible to travelers despite its

limited infrastructure there are now

regular flights to and from the country

with a round-trip flight during the low

season costing you approximately $1,200

from the United States and $800 from

Europe within the country however your

money goes much much further renting a

private car and driver for the day will

only set you back 50 dollars while the

average cost of a meal is four dollars

you can typically get a hotel room for

as little as 20 to 60 dollars a night

but there are luxury resorts where you

can easily spend considerably more that

being said Madagascar is a very

affordable place to visit all things

considered number three Antananarivo

Madagascar's capital city is a vibrant

microcosm for the entire country it's a

place where you can experience history

culture nature and culinary delights all

in a single day from the Magnificent

trova of Antananarivo a royal palace

built in the 17th century and the

eclectic mixture of French colonial and

Malagasy architecture to the musty

tradition of here Agassi an all day

event comprised of music and dancing

Antonina Revo is the beating heart of

Madagascar the previously mentioned

lemurs park is a must visit as is the

croc farm where you'll get to see the

Nile crocodile and countless other

animal species for the sights and smells

of the country's culinary scene be sure

to visit on the luckily market a fun if

somewhat chaotic experience that will

dazzle your senses number two national

parks from undeceived mountain di'ja

national park and its lemur population

to Amber Mountain National Park and its

plethora of picturesque waterfalls

Madagascar is teeming with places of

immense natural beauty just waiting to

be explored in 1992 singer Deborah

historic Nature Reserve and National

Park was declared a UNESCO World

Heritage Site

due in part to its unique limestone

cliff formations which are as stunning

as they are dangerous one of the best

places to go for a hike is a silo

national park covering an area of 314

square miles the park is noted for its

arid landscapes canyons unique rock

formations and of course for its sizable

lemur population seriously these cute

critters are everywhere

number one it's off the beaten track

like Iceland and New Zealand before it

Madagascar is a remote island that is

slowly becoming a tourist hotspot

however the country's tourism boom is

still very much in its infancy which

means that many of its best sites have

yet to be overrun by selfie stick waving

tourists jostling for the best profile

pic there's a purity to visiting this

far-off land of lemurs and baobab trees

an experience in the not so distant

future for now there's limited

infrastructure spotty Wi-Fi and you will

not find a McDonalds anywhere on the

island if that doesn't get your travel

juices flowing

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