lysosome the lord of destruction is the

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MCAT biology in brief here are the

organelles in your cell and their

function mitochondria the powerhouse

lysosome the soldier the Lord of

destruction and ozone is that delivery

guy endoplasmic reticulum the RUF is the

translator the smooth is the doughnut

Golgi is the sorter peroxisome is the

gem trainer

believe it or not lysosome was

discovered in 1974 less than 50 years

ago can you believe it

less than 50 years ago Wow so students

didn't have to study lysosomes in the

near past so membrane-bound organelle

animal cell lysosome has vesicles

containing hydrolytic enzymes they

digest waste products of the cell lord

of destruction lysosomal membrane keeps

these enzymes contained lest they should

digest the cell itself causing

autologous so these enzymes are

contained in the lysosome and here is

the cell okay if these enzymes are to

get in contact with the cell they will

digest it that's why this membrane

called lysosomal membrane is very very

important where does the lysosome get

its enzyme from the RAF endoplasmic

reticulum these enzymes work in acidic

environment that's the nature of

hydrolytic enzyme so the pH in the

lysosome is around 5 or maybe less

similar to the concept in your stomach

the stomach acid needs an acidic

environment so that the enzymes can work

and digest protein same stuff lysosome

works hand-in-hand with something called

an endosome another fancy organelle

lysosome can digest stuff coming from

outside of the cell this is called

endocytosis with the help of

endosome that delivery guy or it can

dyes the stuff from within the cell this

is called etaf AG and we need the help

of the phagosome so here is lighters ohm

how it destroys stuff two steps step

number one it engulfs this waste product

and get it in contact with the

hydrolytic enzyme step number two

destruction so here is the process by

which the lysosome can eat stuff coming

from outside of the cell through the

process of endocytosis here's the stuff

coming from outside of the cell and here

we have and the membrane like goes like

this called invagination and forming

this structure which is called an

inducing and the lysosome will destroy

it before it gets in touch with the

cytoplasm because we don't know maybe it

has bad stuff in it that's why the

lysosome is so important thank you so

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