Laura Whitmore Gives an Exclusive Tour of the Love Island Villa | Good Morning Britain

we saw yesterday the outside of the new

love island better didn't we but I think

he's had a chance to explore inside

let's see what he's up to morning

Richard yeah hi guys good morning once

again were a very sunny eyed Cape Town I

won't lie to you it's absolutely bliss

in this part of the world this morning

in the shadow of a Table Mountain of

course that is the view that the twelve

Singleton's who were strutting their

stuff in the love island villa from

Sunday night onwards for the next six

weeks ever on itv2 will be contemplating

in their search to find the one well I

found my one yesterday in the form of a

Laura Whitmore and she gave me a sneaky

peek inside the villa


to recommend for bet yeah let's do it

yes come on it it's it's rebate this is

new this is so exciting this is called

the doghouse it means the other half is

you know being a little bit naughty you

put them in here so there's a foldaway


that's quite comfortable we're going to

the bedroom yes where the magic happens

there's 14 beds yeah 12 contestants

almost like there might be a bombshell

happening another piece I brought you my

mother B trailer brought you home

there's a lot of space conversations for

relationships to grow little nuts and

crannies so you want to get away from

everyone else the girls like to make a

bit of a mess when they're getting ready

yeah the guys do as well but they never

really had a space for themselves until

now I do think the girls win though this

is pretty special look at all these

little places from all the makeup beauty

products that's right this is pretty

special now if you think about us once

they've coupled up little hideaway trees

little dinner a magic dinner for two

just pop in the table afters


laura of course and voices of love

island Ian Stirling good pals of mine

and they've been a couple for quite some

time now so aside from puckering up I

have to ask every time I meet them

because I'm I want to buy a hat

any chance of a ring on it it's a leap

year this year you know what that means

don't you next day of the year

next you're lying it means the lady can

get down on one knee the lady can do

that anytime with the year Richard

Arnold I love you aside from all the

pictures that we've seen of the signal

times we were going into the villa one

that's caused a little bit of a chatter

back home I understand because of his

likeness to EastEnders Jake woods is

Olle of course he's the one who owns a

beach the resident mr. whippy

effectively in the love island villa

hopefully he'll have much better luck in

matters of the heart then max Branning