Facts About The Louvre Museum (Top 10)


top ten unknown facts about the Louvre

museum in Paris

it's the largest museum in the world

located in one of the sophisticated

cities in the world with an area size of

seven hundred eighty two thousand nine

hundred ten square feet

welcome to the Louvre Museum the

historical heartbeat of France the

museum got its humble beginnings back in

1190 being the busiest tourist platform

in the world Louvre was born precisely

on 10th August 1793 before that the

museum housed the Royals in the 16th

century the Louvre is the epitome of

historical beauty since it contains

thousands of pieces of art which some

are worth millions no one is a stranger

to such a place there are plenty of

things that spice up the beauty of

louver some known while some are unknown

here are the top ten unknown facts about

the Louvre museum in Paris fact 1 the

home to the most famous piece of art no

one is a stranger to the Mona Lisa piece

of art it's one of the most valuable

paints in the world Leonardo da Vinci

the man behind the Mona Lisa painting

is believed to have worked on the ark

back in 1513 and did his final touches

in 1517 it may seem to be this super

large painting but in a real sense it's

just a small painting worth millions of

dollars the painting was first stolen by

an Italian migrant who was once a

security guard in the museum in 1911 he

wanted to return the picture to its

original home which is Italy


moreover Mona Lisa is the most visited

artwork in the museum

fact to the Louvre is divided into

departments various departments are

containing different pieces of art they

include Islamic Arts decorative arts

Roman antiquities paintings prints and

drawing Greek artworks Egyptian


all these departments contain

magnificent pictures rich in history and

culture from different parts of the

world fact 3 Napoleon and the Louvre

during the Napoleon rule he renamed the

museum to Museum apollyon he went ahead

to increase the artwork in the museum by

5,000 pieces which originated from

different places

Napoleon was the first person to hang

the famous Mona Lisa painting on the

wall however after his defeat the

artworks were returned to the original

owners fact for the museum was used as a

storage place for stolen pieces of art

before Louvre became a world known

museum was first used by the German army

to store stolen pieces of art that time

the museum hadn't much to show or

display the items were confiscated from

wealthy French families

fact 5 the museum contains thousands of

pieces of art with the massive size of

the museum it's inevitable that it's a

home for many pieces of artwork did you

also know that the pieces of art a

display are not the only ones in the

museum the museum contains a total of

380,000 artworks but only 35,000 are on

display you can imagine the historic

richness which overflows in Louvre the

35,000 pieces of work are from the pre

historical period of 21 century fact 6

the most visited Museum the world is

full of museums each museum has

something unique to offer the Louvre has

proved to be on top of the world as far

as art is concerned it's quite evident

given the fact that the place receives

15,000 people and 60% of these

individuals are tourists from different

parts of the world you can imagine how

crowded the museum is throughout the day

fact 7 - Louvre museums while France

Paris prides itself with the largest

museum in the world the Arab world is

not left behind the other Louvre Museum

found in Abu Dhabi was completed in 2015

the Abu Dhabi Louvre museum is rich in

different artworks from various parts of

the world minimizing the gap between

Western and Eastern art fact 8 the

Louvre has a location app the size of

the museum itself is enough to make a

foreigner get lost

furthermore the number of people

visiting the museum is enormous in 2016

an app was launched to guide people

inside the unfamiliar layout of the


there are exit strategies to help you

find the way out once you get lost or

want to see the way out fact 0.9 the

museum was first shut down

unfortunately the museum was once

infested with pickpockets back in 2013

the workers had an adamant time since

they received all the blame especially

from American tourists the authorities

and workers later upgraded security

resumed as usual fact 10 it was once a

residence for artists for several years

the museum housed several artists back

in the days before the museum began to

display a lot of artists float in the

museum and for years they resided inside

Louvre mainly to work on site Henry the

fourth was the first person to house the

artists in 1608 however after some years

the idea was wiped off after artists

leaving the place messy with the

numerous facts above there are also

plenty of things that make the museum

great as you tour the great city of

Paris do not waste the opportunity to

feed your soul with history from the

Louvre Museum the chance of seeing the

great pieces of work is both exciting

and inspiring