salamualikum' beautiful people welcome

to another vlog look give me her stuff

now I'm carrying her purse everywhere

because she's feeling so hot it is

extremely hot it is like 35 degrees but

why am i holding your purse why this guy

walking out with a purse guys look so

low I just picked us up first of all and

as soon as he picked up froggy

he called her body and she's freaking

out when you call a girl bodies she

starts feeling way why why are you like

alright guys so we're having an official

photo shoot right now

why mr. Jeff if you guys want to get

some crazy professional photos done in

Paris with the Eiffel Tower so far you

have see just looks for cellulite

basically just you know obviously you

can be watching a Bollywood movie or

look for mr. Jeff you can find him

around this area this is a what what's

this area called want to be like


that's where you find him what is there

what kind of photography's is look in

the middle of the road they even made a

sign of him that he's not allowed to

allow the floors so they say this is the

most romantic spot in Paris because you

get to see the Eiffel Tower you get to

see some statute and there's the Nile


and then you have mr. Jeff all over on

the floor we are in Paris and right next

to I felt our frog he asked me for a

promise and you guys are gonna love this

promise the kids what you know what

let's make a comment now with that we're

already here that we're gonna see best

friends forever no matter what

so she says chomp all this stuff that's

going on right now he's a bigger bear on

YouTube at six months we have two

million subscribers we're gonna get

married now if that doesn't happen or if

it does happen I don't want to lose my

memory so I'm gonna make her promise

next to Eiffel Tower which is supposed

to be like the craziest romantic place

no matter what happens we're gonna stay

best friends deal so we like do we shake

hands on this or do we like give the

highest why I don't know like so

everything else was just for no reason

because all she wanted to do was just

come take photos for the Eiffel Tower

and she said I am taking Eiffel Tower

produced for my mom so you brought me

here just so you can take photos for

your mom yeah I love my mom but this is

supposed to be the most romantic spot in

the world

so rocky rocky some of the places in

Paris especially the homes they almost

look like Pakistan background all day

now you look at this house right now

we're just sitting in the backyard and

look at the trees and stuff it reminded

me of my house back in Rawalpindi what

is going on before somebody says

Rawalpindi pindy boys you know what I'm

from Jhelum I'm from Islamabad and I'm

for all pindy so you know what

whether it's bindi boys Lambada Lahori

boy proud to be Pakistani but froggy

over here is although hoody but she

cannot speak Punjabi

and we're sitting in his house and he's

taking good care of us thank you

all right guys so we have Amal here

she's gonna be teaching us some French

because we cannot communicate in French

even though she has a lot of friends in

Canada for all the girls watching a frog

you asked a question

see if she can translate for us so you

have to teach us friends I want to tell

froggy that she is always eating sugar

how do you say that in French

mama mama bones they're things you moist

the boom-boom it sounds like boom-boom

like a dance music froggy will never

ever say no to ice cream while Google

Translate Google trendy guys notice

something that involve these European

countries the portion sizes are so small

this is an ice cream let me hold it look

this ice cream in Canada would be like a

little kiddie ice cream like for kids

the portion size are so different so

this is the bridge where they put all

these locks because they believe that if

you put a lock here your love is going

to last forever so we have decided that

me and Jeff we're gonna be putting a

lock to celebrate our eternal love

so we're not gonna put anything there

what if we steal somebody else's lock

and place it for us wouldn't work and

look Bobby's taking photos here because

she pretends like her love is eternal

with the locks she wrote countless rowdy

October 16 2018 and left it up to you

guys so basically it may not happen and

then it's today's date but we should do

it we should throw two keys into the


we should leave one key and one of you

guys finds it and they'll be invited to

the wedding all right it's officially

locked so we're gonna take these keys

I'm gonna take one key this is the lock

right here on the love bridge in Paris

where did it go did you run into the

water alright so the second key also

goes into the water like this

the third one I'm gonna leave it as

Shawna watch come and get it so it's to

give you the key but this third keeps

you coming open this lock then you're

invited to the wedding but when you come

and you unlock this lock you have to

make sure you make a video of yourself

because we want to see who it is October

16 2018 if we hit the 2 million

subscriber we should probably not gonna

because groggy is not even I'm vlogging

for you guys we were so you're trying to

make it happen so basically you want it

to happen yeah but you try to say that

you have feelings for me so you want it

to happen to begin with what to just

bring us to the spot and it's like

boonies right now we're in a parking

garage where the lights literally turned

off on us we're here to eat in our

restaurant know if you guys are watching

this vlog then that means I made it and

I guess if you don't then we don't worry

whoa welcome to Paris you guys look at

this there's like nothing here look

where we are

what restaurant is this this doesn't

make any sense we just came up right now

and there's no waited oh wait I think

there's exit right here okay so the good

news is we're alive and we finally

figured out that parently you're

supposed to call someone they let you

out so much food who's gonna eat this

what is this

Chompy Chompy who's gonna eat all okay

so we're Botsman now we're good

all right guys so we just finished

eating some amazing chomp at this Raj

food restaurant it was amazing froggie

for the first time tried lamb that's

actually like she never eats lamb but

she ate mostly chicken we're supposed to

be leaving tomorrow to go back to Canada

but somebody is not letting it go now

we're gonna write Paris in style we just

got the Ferrari California v12 and they

want to show me the power because they

say that you're

in the piper we're gonna show you in the

Ferrari ah listen

froggy why you sitting in that car okay

don't look at us when we're sitting in

the Ferrari okay we're sitting in a v12

okay don't talk to us with that how does

it feel coming out of the slow car by

the way did you know that there's two

more seats in the back so you can decide

with us we just came to Shawn's and lazy

and guess what the first thing froggy

wants to do is buy that car oh my god

what now we're coming out of Ferrari if

she wants to buy a Formula One car

probably already saw the real Eiffel

Tower but she's fascinated with this one

she wants to take this home some of you

guys don't know about froggies actually

six feet tall you're five what your bro

just ask your question bro that's not

real there's another one fixing my tire

right now hi guys so the reason why

we're walking around is because we just

bought a palace for froggie this is a

surprise for you congratulations go walk

inside the house we didn't know that

good someone lives there all right so we

have been literally eating all day and

now we're here for more sugar because

she was having three and you know who is

making us eat a grape

and that's what he calls a diet but he's

gonna tell us something really cool in

English her English is as good as my


alright guys it's time for us to say

goodbye hope you guys enjoyed today's

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so the bigger one I'll see you guys


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assalamu alaikum beautiful people