American Loch Ness Monster Video Going Viral

all right you already trying to debunk

believe back now with that strange thing

spotted in Alaska's waters raising big

questions this morning could it be yes

George could it be an American Loch Ness

monster ABC's Gio Benitez is here Gio

what do you think yeah but GL I agree

with you and I love that music by the

way listen I'm not easily convinced by

this stuff but wait do you really look

at this video many Alaska wonder if it's

the rumored relative of the Loch Ness

monster so on this Halloween you decide

it's the 15-foot mystery moving slowly

and methodically through Alaska's

freezing water garnering almost half a

million views on Alaska's Bureau of Land

Management website locals asking if this

is Alaska's own version of the Loch Ness

monster the much talked-about chena


one visitor to the site believes chena

is back riding the chena Chomper its

back it was like our own Bigfoot another

finding the Halloween sighting spookley

timed speculating it could be zombie

salmon that's what I thought

whether it's really a frozen rope as one

biologist suggests a very cold fish or a

real-life monster the people of Alaska

finding solace in the words of some

lockness locals this morning and you may

be wondering what did that local tell us

well he said I believe there are strange

beasts I know they exist and that's good

enough for me now before you get too

scared know that some of the employees

there at the Bureau of Land Management

admit to doctoring the video a bit

adding some music adjusting the speed

and they say they did not music and

speed that doesn't change what we saw I

know they say they did not add that

George Tiller do you think it is you

said the speed doesn't change what we

saw ah changes it changes it that's a

bunch it's a bunch of buoys going

through a bunch of

we saw you decide