Locate A Trask Transport Truck Location (Week 5 Wolverine) - Fortnite

hello everybody i'm in the letterwood

also known as martin welcome back to the

channel and welcome back to fortnight so

it is another brand new week which means

there are new

points of interest hanging around the

map and uh you can already hear

a bunch of different gliders actually

maybe it's just one fella making his way

over to the north western corner of the

map you can see there's a blob right

about here northwest of doom's domain

but before the lighthouse you can see

this is going on right here there's a

couple of riffs knocking about as well

because obviously this is all slightly

portably and tiny why me

but all you've got to do is make your

way over towards this truck and there

you go

locate a transport truck or a trash

transport truck

um is all you needed to do guys killed

me off it's fine

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little wood

and i'll get some more videos done for

you see you again in a sec