we're going to win don't worry

number 26.

what tough dash

ladies and gentlemen

it is time for little league world

series baseball

2009. i've never played this game in my

life but i have the wii mode and the

nunchuck and that usually is a problem

we're gonna do exhibition mode today if

you ever heard of this game hit the like

button down below

just let me know hit the like button if

you've heard of it just hit the like

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hit the like button

without further ado i don't even know

what to say let's just jump into this


we're gonna be the southeast and we're

gonna go against

latin america dude that kid was so much

taller than my guy did you see that

oh catch that oh yeah let's go

yay oh my god

here we go two outs oh that's

heat damn okay baby

yay oh the screw ball

get this get the out is there

a power

uh button okay not that oh wait a minute

drop better dumps that one out to right

cool man

sweet oh yeah that's good no it's not

she's out

turned out to be a foul ball

oh damn it get him

that kid's fast as come on get



he serves that one up a power is in

there dude come on throw it

do it again we got a nice slap on that


but it's not going to get any height get


infield fly go


come on one more out oh what the

holy this kid's on fire

oh yeah baby he didn't even tell me he

was heating up

he just caught flame he was super saiyan

what it's all on easy



what did i just do

i guess i rage quit i don't know i

restarted now we're playing mexico as an


what is this guy we're going to win

don't worry number 26


we got one out already there we go get

this dumb ass

get this get this dumbass two outs

oh my god that's a let's go

let's go

it's time to hit come on baby who is

this guy

eminem the was that

oh they have a star player on the mound

yeah right

get your together this is the

biggest game they'll ever play

just forget it swing up first base okay

number 28.

i'll swing up oh i just hit my mic



okay good one out two outs easy

let's go three outs we're in three

batters up

come on okay


oh this kid's got swagger i have a

feeling i have a feeling

oh yeah




there we go oh my god she almost

up again

outs oh yeah you want to do that

you're not that's not gonna do anything

for you

uh-uh not with this pitcher get her with

this get her with this

get out

oh yeah oh yeah

i'm sorry we got on alright i got one on

oh we got got two on baby oh he's

going for three

let's go two one yes yeah we gotta run

let's go 1-0 oh yeah we're going super



great double play speed coordination and


well done now maddie you're literally on


you're on fire


top of the fourth let's go up 2-0

we're killing it killing it let's do it


hold on get it oh you want to go

super saiyan

ain't gonna work for you baby

would you believe it a home run

all right hide up

favorite food south western egg rolls

that's your favorite

two strikes there we go one more baby

one more than we hit

one more then we hit one more

catch that three outs good grab

baby let's go

i'm being told to just swing straight up

will it be a dinger

oh i just damn it

the cable just hit my eye

yeah instant home run i just poked the

out of my eye

okay two outs cool cool two strikes two

outs it's still tied up

oh baby wait a minute that thanks god

let's go 3-2

let's get another one another dinger


okay that's fair get it kid

i hate that i have to shake man and then

just like a little league

i don't mean to do that out of the


quickly what are you doing oh we're

whatever these players are thinking

we're come on

we need this we need it


oh these cables

let's do it again he ain't gonna do it

he ain't gonna do

get that

they scored i didn't mean to do

that again please be in out three outs

thank you we need this we need this

this guy this oh yeah that's good

that's it's gone baby what

thanks for the base

that old man says a good looking player

just so you guys know

come on get this please two strikes no

outs one on third


wait a


one out come on

two else oh man let's go

come on one more strike one more strike

get this idiot out

get him out we got a nice slap

no that's the second time no



this team takes control of the game by

pulling please catch this

please yes all right to the 20 000

people it's the here we go

bottom of the six this is it oh come on

give me that

god one more the shit's over

oh it's my star player it's game


that one out to right field for the out

now banning second baseman

number 24. what



oh let's go game

oh yeah all right guys

i'm on the video here hope you guys

enjoyed little league world series

baseball 2009

if you did hit that like button down

below maybe i can i can like create a

team maybe i'll do

the wabash in this game yeah let me know

hit the like button

hope you enjoy and i'll see you guys

next time

you're dismissed