Hi, I'm Dr. Sagar.

In this video, I shall explain the myths and facts about the Life Line.

Many people misunderstand the Life Line and become fearful about their life expectancy

because some immature people see other's hands and upon seeing a very short Life Line,

go on to tell them that they have a short life.

This is one of the fears, which is why a lot of people do not show their hand,

and they have a strong fear in their mind that their life is going to end soon.

I am going to clear this misunderstanding through this video

First we will see what the Life Line indicates.

This is the Life Line.

We have a lot of videos explaining the position of the Life Line, and the understanding of the Life Line.

What does the Life Line indicate? It indicates the vitality of the person,

the energy of the person,

the resistance power of the person,

the energy used for doing day-to-day work,

it's the life force.

the energy that drives our life right from birth till the end.

So it's (an indication of) energy.

If you search in Indian or Western palmistry,

you'll find that no one has mentioned that the Life Line can tell you about life expectancy,

or the year of one's death.

But yes, it is ONE of the factors that can decide the longevity of life.

So these are the facts about the Life Line,

What are the myths surrounding it?

If someone says that if you don't have a Life Line, you will die early, have an unnatural death...

This is the hypothesis...

Now the important part :-- I am sharing four things,

We have 3 slides, of photographs and I'll be telling you important things about the Life Line.

Here is the first slide.

This is the hand of a girl who is 14 years old.

She is affected by encephalitis (inflammation of the brain),

and is going to die in 2 or 3 years, according to her neurologist and her doctors.

But if you see this photograph,

you can see the complete Life Line. Although it is narrow and thin, it is a complete line.

Despite this, at the end of 2 years, this girl is going to die.

Now the second slide....

In this photograph as well, you can see a clear and deep Life Line.

This person has consumed poison, because of various reasons,

He weighed 80 kgs, had a strong build,

but after consuming the poison, his weight came down to half - 40 kgs,

and even his doctor believes that this person is not going to come out of this critical condition.

but you can see that his Life Line is very strong,

and with his positive attitude, he has gained weight since four years,

and he is a strong-built person today.

You can see that the Life Line is very clear and does not indicate this life emergency.

The last photograph is of the hand of a person who got murdered at age 32,

This photo was taken before that incident.

You can see that the Life Line is deep and complete

even though the person is not living any more.

Lastly, I will explain...

In some hands, the Life Line is broken, or ceased abruptly,

but one of its branches goes to the Fate Line,

So the energy of the Life Line has gone to the Fate Line,

and this part of the Fate Line will work from the base to the upper part as the Fate Line,

and from the upper part to the base as the Life Line.

So the energy is continued,

so if you have a line like this, do not be under the impression that you are going to die.

So from these slides, and from this information, you will clearly understand

that the Life Line is the only thing that can decide life expectancy.

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