LG Smart TV Content Store Not Available Solved In 1 Minute

Hello guys my name is Dominic and today I'm going to show you

how to solve this problem on your screen.

The LG content store is unavailable

There is no page to load.

Sometimes this problem can also manifest in another way

whereby it says that LG content store is temporarily unavailable so this is what

First of all you check if your internet is connected.

So go to menu using your remote control.

Go down to advanced.

Then you come to network.

I have connected my television using the

Ethernet cable, so let's check that.

So is the internet working?

On the TV it says that it's connected to the internet.

But it's not working, the content store cannot load.

But the internet on my phone is working the Wi-Fi is loading fine.

So the problem is with the TV or the settings on the TV.

So let's continue.

When I try to open up an application like YouTube.

It says that I need to update the application.

When I go to update it just takes me to the content store.

And there you can see the other problem I was talking about.

Service is temporarily unavailable. Try again.

When you get this problem this is what you do.

Go to your settings again

Go to advanced, then network.

At the bottom over there it says edit. We are going to edit the DNS.

Remove the set automatically and then come to DNS.

We are going to change the DNS.

This is the problem that we have so I'm going to delete this.

And we are going to enter the Google Public DNS which is

So it's 8




That's it then I enter.

At the top over there it's saying network is connected.

So let's try again opening* the content store.

There you have it, the content store has already loaded.

So I can update as well as install new apps.

Let me try entering into YouTube and updating it.


There, my internet is working.

I can play any video.

So thank you for watching guys and goodbye. I hope this helped you a lot.

If you are on Wi-Fi just go to advanced settings then edit.