IOS 13: How to Use an iPhone as a Leveling Tool

hi in this video we're gonna take a look

at how you can use the iPhone 11 or the

11pro as a leveling 2 so first let's go

back to your home screen

and then from the house range-wide you

look for the folder called utilities the

internet and enter one measure then

measure at the bottom where the IT tap

one is to measure and one is to use as a

level 2 so tap on level now there are

two ways how you can level use the phone

as a leveling tool one is to level a

flat surface

and one is to measure when certain

object is standing up so here we can

measure as I start surface so this table

here is relatively flat as you can see

it is 0 so when I shoot this one up and

down you can see it is showing an angle

so I'm just going to put this paper in

and then you can see when the phone is

slightly chilled it shows -8 degrees

well nobody's plot is showing 0 degrees

right here now to use as i studying

tools we can also stand up this way or

this way so here the goal is to make

sure it is level when we place it on a

flat surface so we want to hit the zero

one of these level you should see it's a

zero with a green color so I'm just

gonna tell me that and hear this so you

can see I can see the phone back and

forth like this and tells you this level

or not and then we can kind of tilt this

way or this way until it is showing zero

do we know that is a nice little flat so

this box here so that's right - this box

up a little bit you can see it shows the

angle changes and when the box is nice

and flat it shows it is zero so that's

how you can use the iPhone as a leveling


and this is the iPhone you live in crow

running hours 13 thank you for watching

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