JERUSALEM: Actual site ✝️ of The last Supper with Jesus and His Apostles



hello guys this is Veck welcome to my

channel and thank you for viewing my

videos to them with a beautiful and very

historic City of Jerusalem and I'm

visiting the old city of Jerusalem and

it's particularly they were going to

visit the Syrian Orthodox convent and

Church of st. mark in the old city of

jerusalem which is located just north of

the Armenian Quarter in just West the

Jewish horror want to visit the site

when the Last Supper took place between

Christ and His disciples before his

arrest at the Mount of Olives with a

special permission to go inside the site

and you're going to enjoy and be amazed

than what I saw today

this is Vera let's go for a walk let's

do it okay guys I'm now inside the

complex of the Syrian convent and Church

of st. mark this is the smallest sect of

Christians here in the old city of

Jerusalem as compared to the Greeks to

the Catholics and to their minions

these are the Jacobites they are known

as the Jacobites here the syrian

orthodox christians because of the of

their founder jacob paradigm inside the

convent here we find the church of saint

mark right there which was the site of

the last supper of the last supper

before christ's arrest at the mount of

olives the gardens of Agatha cemani now

I have made an appointment to go inside

for a rare uh view of the Church of st.

mark so we can view the site where the

Last Supper took place we're going to

see a church built by the

Crusaders in the 11th century on the

site where the house of Saint Mark was

located here in Jerusalem let's go

inside and I will explain to you a

couple more things come up and die

here's a view of the interior of the

church all that st. mark the Syrian

Orthodox Church of st. mark it was built

by the Crusaders on the spot were the

house of st. mark was here in Jerusalem

one of the apostles of Christ and

according to a tradition this is where

the Last Supper took place here in

Jerusalem Saint Peter after his

persecution by the Romans after the

crucifixion and death of Christ the crab

fleet here in the church and once again

this was the house of saying Mark the

Evangelist Saint Mark and one of the

Apostles here we find very old high

corner one of the very first Christian

icons painted by st. Luke quite possibly

the oldest Christian icons they live in

the century after Christ

the Crusaders built this church right on

top the ruins of the house of Saint Mark

now if we can go down for a second we're

going to see the lower part of the house


you have to make an appointment in order

to save these parts and this is the

lower part of the house of st. mark the

Last Supper took place in the upper room

where the church is now that this was a

part of his house he lived here with his

mother Maria and this is exactly where

the very first Christmas church was

established at but st. Peter after he

took refuge after the death of Christ on

the cross this is the very first

Christian Church ever in the world I'm

standing inside right now after the

resurrection of Christ this is where

Saint Mary the mother of Christ was

baptized at the holiest sites in

Christianity you have to ask very

special permission to come in here and

to videotape it look at the beautiful

icon estas you spend the 11th century in

the after let's go outside

I'm standing at the place with the Last

Supper took place let's go