Aetherium Shard Locations (Lost to the Ages Quest) - Skyrim REMASTERED

hi guys it's GT here and today I'm going

to show you how to find the three

remaining a cerium shards during the

loss to the ages quest now as you can

see I've already found guys and you will

find the first one when completing the

previous part of the quest you were then

required to go and find three more and

I'm going to show you exactly where to

find them so on your macros you will

discover a place called deep folk

crossing if you haven't already been

there guy just make sure you have a look

where it is it is just a north west of

Qarth weston and you're going to need to

go here guys and basically walk straight

over the bridge there and then go

straight forward and pick up the shard

it's dead simple you don't need to do

anything else other than simply pick it

up once you've got that one that will be

your second one you need to go over here

guys to windhelm now just southwest of

Windhelm you will see R alpha now this

one is probably the most difficult one

you're going to encounter simply because

you need to fight your way through a

dwarven dungeon and also do a couple of

simple puzzles and it takes quite a

while but once you've done it you simply

need to pick up the shard and then move

on to your fourth and final one

talking of your fourth and final one it

is over here there's a place called

resolved and it's not directly there but

if you go there it is directly size of

it now if you can see my exact location

here this is literally exactly where you

need to go when you are at this location

you will find yourself at a dwarven

story now in this story you're going to

go into it and you'll be given a choice

you can either go through one expert

lock or you can turn right and go

through to apprentice locked I went

through the apprentice ones it literally

took hotter 9 15 20 seconds it's dead

simple but the choice is yours from

whichever one you want to go through

which you've got that you have got all

four and you can then progress on to the

next part of the quest which is to

locate the end cerium forge hopefully

this helped you guys if it did please

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for my other videos coming in the next

few days thank you very much for

watching and I'll see Z